A telegraph from the dominions…

Hold the Line

A loyal member of Her Majesty’s dominion of Canada, a certain Justin Borges, has posted a YouTube video describing a game of IHMN that he put on at the Hold The Line show.
Four companies, including Lord Curr’s Incorrigibles, a British Rifle Co., the Ortega clan from Malifaux (which I believe is somewhere near Guatemala) and even some odd fellows called the ‘Quar’, took part in a modified version of the Catch the Pigeon scenario.
He seems to be quite impressed with IHMN’s ability to create companies with any figures one has to hand
Antway it looks like everyone had a splendid time! Well done young Mr Borges!!

You can find his full report on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08RzVSkVvmo&list=UUB7LRel86P2I7yl7sRu4-oQ&feature=player_embedded


IHMN Gothic – The Teutonic Knights

The sound of heavy horses hooves thundering across the sward with cries of ‘Deus Vult!’ shattering the air is feared by all who would do evil in the Carpathian Mountains.

For over 700 years the companies of the Teutonic Order have hidden themselves amongst the german-speaking Transylvanian Saxons. In times of great need what seem to be ordinary men gather in secret chapels to St Michael, the Angel of War and Death, and arm themselves to go forth and bring the message of God to the evil ones.

Sometimes a mysterious knight joins them who is rumoured to carry the Spear of Destiny. A man who cannot be slain and whom the Holy Mother Church fears above all others…

The Teutonic Knights company is now on the IHMN Gothic page.

The men who would be King!

Those splendid chaps at Artizan Miniatures have released some sets of British and British Sikh troops fo their Second Afghan War range to alongside their already excellent wily Pathans (afghans).
As you can see form the pictures below they would be perfect for both the Indian Army or The Shangri-La Fusiliers in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.


The two officers above in the fur-lined or sheep-skin jackets would excellent for Captain Dravot and Lieutenant Carnehan.

img1957 img1958 img1959 img1960

You can find them here: http://www.artizandesigns.com/list.php?man=23&page=1

IHMN Gothic hiatus

In all the excitement of last week’s release of Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator your might not have missed the fact that we did not release an instalment of IHMN Gothic. Well good people, due to those hazards of real life that come along in small packs and attack your ankles* there shall be no instalment this week either.

But fear not, nothing is awry. For next weekend shall see the relentless march of Gothic instalments resume full force. We are close to the end of the companies and then it will be all those other rules that make a supplement complete.

* I have a few family matters to deal with and Charles is having a rare weekend off.

All good things come unto their ends…


Well Penny Dreadful finally reached its climax and I am mostly not disappointed. All the characters arrived at a point in their development that leaves questions unanswered and plot openings for the next series. However, the current plot arc was satisfied. It was certainly better produced and directed than Dracula, and held its own against Ripper Street.

It has been an excellent series overall with much to compliment including the tight scripts, superb acting, moody sets, and accurate representations of some of the darker sides of London in the late Victorian era.

Highlights for me, from the point of view of IHMN, included the Explorer’s Club, Lord Murray’s study with all of its maps and exploring equipment, the C96 broom-handled Mauser pistol (I actually squeaked when I saw the box!), Dorian Gray’s house, the dockland tavern, the Theatre and a dozen other sets.

Ethan’s reveal at the end of the last episode was superb, though many of us had predicted it. But most of all Eva Green’s mesmerising performance as Miss Vanessa Ives, at the heart of the whole series, was utterly without precedent..

Disappointments include the relative ease with which the head Vampire was despatched. I expected more of a fight honestly. The unnecessary death of Abraham Van Helsing, a man who could have proved a useful occasional character in later series. The lack of character development for Lord Murray’s tribal manservant.

All we need now is the Hellfire Club, and perhaps Lord Curr, and it will be perfect.

Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends!
Today we display for delectation and delight a device that shall take all the stress, woe and arithmetic from your cogitations.
This simple marvel shall allow you to not only calculate the cost of a figure with a few strokes of your cursor, but also the cost for the company entire!
Obtain this fiendish engine from the tent marked Bonus Material and open it. Within you shall find, in a tabular arrangement…

Oh tosh, shall we talk English?
Righty-ho, this spreadsheet is the sole reason that Charles and I have not had to issue more errata regarding points costs. Created by our friend Kate Winson it does indeed calculate the cost of individual figures and the whole company.
So let’s get down to business.
The Multiple column is where you write how many of this figure type you want in your company. Usually I do not complete this until I am calculating a company list for an evening’s play.
The next column is where you input the figure type.
The Cost column is where the final cost of your figure is displayed.
The next few columns all have drop down lists (click the top right corner of the cell) in them from which you select the desired value for say Pluck or FV, or the Equipment, Talents and Powers you want the figure to have. You will note that all the equipment, talents and powers from the three books is in these lists, so you may have to scroll down a bit to get what you want.
Figures have multiple rows for such things as equipment, talents and powers. This is so they can have more than one. The first two figures have more than the rest as these are the leaders or special characters who often have more stuff.
Grenades have their own column so you can choose from a number of variants and quantities.
The Additional Equipment column is where all the weird science, personal transportation and even walkers are.
The Misc other column allows you put in the cost of any custom kit you have created yourself, so that cost can be added into the total.
Kate has also included a second worksheet with two tables in for you to calculate the costs of any custom weapons and armour you might create.

We have used versions of this device to calculate all the costs for HVF, SDRS, Gothic and the various blog companies and it has proved both robust and accurate.
We suggest that you open a new sheet for each company you create and save it to that company’s name. Then when you want to create a company from that list to an agreed points limit just put in the number of each figure type in the multiple column and bob’s your uncle!

On a personal note we would both like to thank Kate and acknowledge the important part she has played in producing accurate books for you all.


IHMN AAR: The Cabinet of Dr. Nebogipfel

Down in in the English village of Little Ribble a bunch of nefarious ne’er-do-wells led by Lord Glenmore try to wrest an odd device created by the mysterious Dr Nebogipfel from the courageous Capt Gideon and his stalwart chaps.

This is an excellent AAR from a pair of new players Mark Warden and his oddly named comrade Robafett. Take a peek at this well-written and profusely illustrated account.

Level 2 level 3

You can find it here: