Daishō – Skirmish Wargaming in Mystical Japan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to announce the creation of a new blog dedicated to the development and publication of this game.


You can find it in the Blogroll to your right, or here: http://daishogame.wordpress.com/

Please note that we are at the very beginning of this enterprise, so there is little uploaded yet. However, in the weeks to come you shall find a cornucopia of design notes, announcements and other ephemera linked to this game.

The road goes ever on…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now that Salute is over, and we’ve had chance to discuss things with Osprey, we can keep our promise and let you know some of what the future holds.

Both we and Osprey agree that, with the publication in June of Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, we’ll have pretty much exhausted the potential for full-blown In Her Majesty’s Name supplements.  Instead, we’ll be publishing some mini-supplements as magazine articles.  The first of these – the Martian Invasion – will appear in WSS soon after the publication of Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.  We’ll also continue to release smaller articles, company lists, game aids, etc. on IHMN blog – including those you are kind enough to send in, of course.

Although we’ve discussed various future options with Osprey, none of these have turned into contracts so we have nothing in the pipeline with them.  We’ll keep talking and let you know if anything changes.

We will, however, be branching out on our own.  There are several projects we’d like to have a go at and we’ve started on the first of these.  It’s a Japanese medieval fantasy skirmish game based on the same core game mechanics as IHMN but adjusted to the new genre.  The working title for this game is Daishō, though this may change by the time we publish, which will be some time towards the end of 2014.  We’ll keep you posted!

One thing we haven’t worked out yet is the best way of publishing future projects such as Daishō.  We’re looking into several possible publishing routes including pdf only, print-on-demand, running a Kickstarter or finding an alternate publisher. If you have any experience and ideas in this area we’d love to hear from you.

So, onwards and upwards, what!?!
Craig & Charles

The Dragon stirs…

‘We thought our Christian civilisation was superior to their ancient ways – and we were wrong. We thought to make the world a safer place by plundering their great wisdom and wealth – and we were wrong. None of us understood the powers that we were awakening nor the calamities we could unleash by our actions.’
Diary of Field Marshal Sir Charles Napier Murton, Private Secretary (Special Duties) to Lord Harrington, Foreign Secretary, 1896

So ladies and gentlemen we are approaching the release of our third book in the IHMN series and we turn our face now towards the mysterious east.
Over the next few weeks we shall be taking you through how we created our vision of the East and revealing some of the contents, as well as releasing some excellent new material on the blog.

SDRS Cover

Overall in SDRS you will be getting twenty-four new companies from India, China, Japan and those meddlesome Western Powers. There are also new weapons, transports, walkers (yes we said walkers) , talents and powers. The book would not be complete without a range of Oriental Landscapes, scenarios and complicators. Last, but by no means least there shall be another backwards compatibility tabel to ensure that no company gets left behind.

So keep watching this blog for moe updates as the date of publication draws nigh.

We have returned!

Charles and I are now back from Salute 2014 and it was as much fun as always, as well as being bloody knackering.

There shall be detailed photographic reports of the three IHMN games over the next few days and well as other news. For now I am going to lie down in a cool dark place…