Lady Felicity Manningham at your service

Lady Felicity

Lord Curr’s constant companion and, as some would have it, bodyguard, is Lady Felicity Manningham, the widow of the hero of 2nd Islandwhana. Many a would-be assailant has learned to their cost that this slender beauty is no lady, but a former East End music hall performer, pick-pocket and armed robber, better known as ‘Two-gun Tess’. Sir Oswald Manningham VC fell in love with her in the music hall and took her to be his second wife. Her defence of her mortally wounded husband on the steps of the Paris Opera in 1892 was the stuff of legend. Five Boers never returned to celebrate their assassination of this truly British hero. However, upon his untimely demise Manningham’s family still managed to ensure she walked away with nothing but her new name.
This is where Lord Curr came in like a white knight to prevent her returning to the gutter. He saw a ‘measure of steel’ in her and an ability to think quickly and decisively in life and death situations. Since then she has proved invaluable to many of his schemes and has saved his life on a number of occasions.
Her favoured weapons are a pair of .38 high velocity Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolvers, with the shorter 4″ barrel and Metford polygonal rifling. The light touch automatic action suits her, as does their accuracy and rate of fire. Using a Prideaux speedloader she is able to fire twelve shots into a three-inch bull’s-eye at twelve paces in approximately 15 seconds.
One other thing she likes about them is the fact that each one takes eight rounds, something that has often surprised opponents used to revolvers with the standard six rounds.
These signature weapons were given to her by Colonel Fosbery himself, as he had been a friend and comrade of her husband in Africa, and was stunned by the treatment she got at the hands of his family.
Even without her revolvers she is still quite formidable. Her coolness in action, skill in persuading men who should know better, light fingers and the cut-throat razor that is always concealed somewhere about her person make her a woman to treat with respect.
Members of the Incorrigibles have come to rely on her to temper Curr’s hot headedness, and many are completely devoted to her.
One of her fondest memories is being introduced to Queen Victoria at Windsor by Lady Helen Quatermain. It is there that the Queen passed on to her the Victoria Cross that Sir Oswald earned in Africa with an additional bar on the ribbon marked simply ‘Paris 1892′.

A new story featuring this deadly companion can be found in the Fiction section.

IHMN Gothic X – Talents and Mystical Powers

“Once you enter those accursed lands of Carpathia and Transylvania, much of what you believe to be true is lost in their chilling mists and forbidding mountains. That which on the streets of Vienna or Warsaw would seem unbelievable and the product of madness is the stuff of daily life there.”

Absalom Curr, Prague 1894

The talents and powers listed in this new instalment are specific to games played using the IHMN Gothic rules. Some are both powerful and unsettling. It is considered a courtesy to agree with your opponent if you wish to use them in a normal IHMN setting or game.

You may also wish to consider the nature of the company and figures that you assign these talents to. It may not be appropriate for those of good heart to use the many darker talents and powers. Some are also specific to certain creature types such as Vampires and Werewolves.
Note that these have been written after the Gothic Companies were published. When the full version of IHMN Gothic is brought together some may be made as options or requirements for certain companies and individual figures. Until then please use common sense.


Musical creation

Although I am a great lover of silence I live on a large housing estate so this is indeed a rare commodity. When I am writing, painting or otherwise being creative I like to wind up the Spotify gramophone and have music playing in the background.

The choice of music is oh so important. It must somehow relate to what I am doing and if the right track comes along it can double my creative productivity.

For example, when writing material for IHMN my favourite tracks come from Abney Park, a self-confessed steampunk musical cooperative. You really should look them up, especially tracks like Airship Pirate, Building Steam and Steampunk Revolution.
When writing for Dead Simple I prefer something more atmospheric and a regular choice is the soundtrack from the Age of Conan game. It really brings out the Cimmerian in me. Another is the Icelandic band Árstíðir ( Remarkable young chaps doing things a way only true-blooded vikings can.

Another favourite for IHMN is anything by Amanda Palmer, a remarkable young lady upon whom I based Lady Helen Quatermain. She is mean, moody and magnificent with sharp often satirical lyrics. I forgive her being a colonial because she is the partner of Neil Gaiman (a writing god).

For modern writing, and quite a bit of my SF wargames output, I generally listen to the four disc boxed set sountrack album of Good Morning Vietnam.

For horror/supernatural its back to basics with early Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and Jethro Tull – none of that retreaded stuff any of them did in the nineties and noughties to pay alimony and the mortgage.

So there you have it – what do you listen to? Anything I would be interested in? Spotify is my oyster so my reach is long :)

A bit of a dust up…

It has been a while since we featured one of our old friend Skrapwelder’s after action reports, but this one is quite excellent so here goes.

Sir Skrapwelder decided to give his Sarmatian Order an outing against his comrade Leadfool’s Servants of Ra. The full details of the clash are here, but below are couple of tasters of the troops and the action. Absolutely splendid what!



Wargames Soldiers and Strategy News

We have the good news and the bad news.

So let’s get the bad news over first – IHMN Mars Invades will not be in the September issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine, it’s just too splendid I understand (Guy said ‘big‘ but I heard ‘splendid‘).

The good news then.
Instead it will be at the heart of a VSF/Steampunk themed edition in January 2015, issue 74 if I am not mistaken. Which seems like a damnably fine thing to me what!
Guy has also rustled up a number of cheerful illustrations of heat rays and slaughter with which to illustrate it.



One of our new Spanish friends, Victor Tejada Hernandez, has started a blog covering the introduction of the new Spanish edition of IHMN to his friends.
As you can see from the pictures below they really have got into creating some great terrain and miniatures.

IHMN Spain 1 IHMN Spain 2
We shall have to create some Spanish companies in the near future.

You can find this blog here: