Warlord Games Day 2014

Myself and the boy Conor shall be journeying to Nottingham tomorrow to attend Warlord Games Day 2014 (http://www.warlordgames.com/warlord-games-day-2014/).

This is an excellent gathering of the clans and given the conditions last year probably going to feel like a Turkish Bath :)

If any of you are going please feel free to look me up. I’ll be around and about, but mostly with Dave, Karl, Dean, Mick and the lads at the IHMN game – Allan Quatermain and the Lost City.


A telegraph from the dominions…

Hold the Line

A loyal member of Her Majesty’s dominion of Canada, a certain Justin Borges, has posted a YouTube video describing a game of IHMN that he put on at the Hold The Line show.
Four companies, including Lord Curr’s Incorrigibles, a British Rifle Co., the Ortega clan from Malifaux (which I believe is somewhere near Guatemala) and even some odd fellows called the ‘Quar’, took part in a modified version of the Catch the Pigeon scenario.
He seems to be quite impressed with IHMN’s ability to create companies with any figures one has to hand
Antway it looks like everyone had a splendid time! Well done young Mr Borges!!

You can find his full report on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08RzVSkVvmo&list=UUB7LRel86P2I7yl7sRu4-oQ&feature=player_embedded


IHMN Gothic – The Teutonic Knights

The sound of heavy horses hooves thundering across the sward with cries of ‘Deus Vult!’ shattering the air is feared by all who would do evil in the Carpathian Mountains.

For over 700 years the companies of the Teutonic Order have hidden themselves amongst the german-speaking Transylvanian Saxons. In times of great need what seem to be ordinary men gather in secret chapels to St Michael, the Angel of War and Death, and arm themselves to go forth and bring the message of God to the evil ones.

Sometimes a mysterious knight joins them who is rumoured to carry the Spear of Destiny. A man who cannot be slain and whom the Holy Mother Church fears above all others…

The Teutonic Knights company is now on the IHMN Gothic page.

The men who would be King!

Those splendid chaps at Artizan Miniatures have released some sets of British and British Sikh troops fo their Second Afghan War range to alongside their already excellent wily Pathans (afghans).
As you can see form the pictures below they would be perfect for both the Indian Army or The Shangri-La Fusiliers in Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.


The two officers above in the fur-lined or sheep-skin jackets would excellent for Captain Dravot and Lieutenant Carnehan.

img1957 img1958 img1959 img1960

You can find them here: http://www.artizandesigns.com/list.php?man=23&page=1

IHMN Gothic hiatus

In all the excitement of last week’s release of Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator your might not have missed the fact that we did not release an instalment of IHMN Gothic. Well good people, due to those hazards of real life that come along in small packs and attack your ankles* there shall be no instalment this week either.

But fear not, nothing is awry. For next weekend shall see the relentless march of Gothic instalments resume full force. We are close to the end of the companies and then it will be all those other rules that make a supplement complete.

* I have a few family matters to deal with and Charles is having a rare weekend off.