We have returned!

Charles and I are now back from Salute 2014 and it was as much fun as always, as well as being bloody knackering.

There shall be detailed photographic reports of the three IHMN games over the next few days and well as other news. For now I am going to lie down in a cool dark place…

Salute 2014 – IHMN events

As a reminder to all you ladies and chaps coming to Salute 2014 tomorrow, these are the IHMN demo/participation games being run by stalwart volunteers:

Gaming Club Network (Chesterfield Open Gaming Society)
GL12 Once upon a Time
This is an unusual participation game that is touring no less than five shows this year!

Just About Games
GA17 Dirty Ole’ Town
A participation games set in the seedy docklands of Old London Town.

White Hart Wargamers
GB03 Allan Quatermain and the Lost City
A demonstration game by our veteran IHMN crew. True gents one and all.

Charles and I shall be splitting our time between these games, lending them our support.

Two other places to go are:
The Wargames Emporium, where Northstar are pitching their tent this year (C13).
Osprey Publishing – if every one of you takes a few seconds to stop here and tell the chaps just how much you like IHMN we’ll be most grateful.

Salute 2014

As you may already know Charles, myself and the boy Conor are attending Salute 2014. As some of you have expressed a desire to track me down at this event herewith is a mugshot taken at Salute 2013…


I am not entirely sure who this handsome gentleman is, but while you’re chasing him I shall be able to slip by unnoticed ;)

We should be easy enough to find as we shall be visiting all three IHMN games being put on at the show. Hope to see you all there!

Artificer Minatures Painting Service

My good friend Bob has been busily beavering away on my figures for me and here are some of the results:

The Black Dragon Tong The Society of Thule

Bob paints figures for living and he is very good at it, mark my words.

He is also selling his custom-made 7′x4′ ruined cityscape based upon the town of Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone (includes 5 storey buildings and everything). We played across it at Xmas at it was breath-taking. You can find details of this over on his website (see the Blogroll, in the bottom right of the front page).


Mars Attacks!

Charles and I have written an IHMN mini-supplement for Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine based on aftermath of the Martian Invasion in 1899.


However, we have no photographs for the article and are looking for anybody who has any. In particular we are looking for pictures that depict:
- Smaller Martian Tripods in an urban setting, and
- Humans fighting Martian Ground Forces.

If your photographs are chosen the reward for your contribution shall be a named credit for each photograph used and a free copy of the magazine when it is published showing your work. We hope that it goes without saying they must be your own work and not published professionally anywhere else.
Photographs need to be nice and clear, and as big and high definition as you have.
If you would like to contribute to this you can send them to Guy Bowers at editor@wssmagazine.com
Let me know here what you have sent so I can check that they have arrived safely.

Days of future past


Salute 2014 is just a few days away now and it is difficult to comprehend the events that have unfolded since that show only 12 months ago. Back then Charles and I were complete unknowns attending a show where our very first book would be published. We were taken aback by the enthusiasm and kindness of those we met, from ordinary gamers like ourselves to industry stalwarts like Nick Eyre, Steve Saleh and Shaun McLaughlin.

In the year that has followed we have published the first supplement, which was well-received by one and all, and now stand on the eve of publishing the second. There has not been a day when Charles and I have not been beavering away on the supplements, magazine articles for the inestimable Guy Bowers, additional material for the blog, answering literally hundreds of questions on the blog and various fora, reviewing the creations of many IHMN players, having conversations with gamers across the planet and generally enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

A couple of examples:
1. The dedicated sub-forum on Lead Adventure has had nearly 500 topics raised and over 5,000 postings from a wide range of excellent chaps and ladies. We have read each and every one of those, and responded to all we could.
2. In its first year the blog has had 250 postings by Charles and I and just short of 150,000 views. I am told that this isn’t bad for such a small niche product.

We have come to realise that this game is no longer ours. Thousands of gamers have bought hard and soft copies of the rules and it supplement. Hundreds have detailed games they have played and figures they have painted on their blogs and various fora. Many have taken the game forwards to places neither of us would have imagined. Some are even using the rules as the basis for exploring genres other than VSF.

This then is now your game. As you have shown through a number of polls you have many ideas of how you would like it to develop both within the sphere of VSF and beyond. Charles and I are considering where it should go now based on the feedback we have had from those polls and from conversations we have had with you both online and off .

Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun is officially released in June this year and much of our efforts shall be spent supporting the run up to that fateful date. We shall, as we did last year, be attending such shows as we can manage. We believe that it is important to lend our support to people who are putting a lot of effort into running demo and participation games. So if you are please let us know, as far in advance as you can, and we shall see what we can manage.

We are about to give Guy Bowers, Editor of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine and now a friend of ours, a huge article, more like a mini-supplement. If he likes it we shall let you all know what’s coming in that excellent publication.

So good people we are approaching the first birthday of IHMN and we would both like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and continued commitment to this project.

This is only the beginning…