Something clanky this way comes…

Chaps & Chapettes,

Other than the excellent civilian walker created by the mechanics at North Star there haven’t been a lot of walkers suitable for IHMN. Sure you could use Malifaux and a few other brands and, although they are excellent, in my mind they don’t really capture the rivets and stream dynamic of 19th-century VSF.

Until now….

10468068_241801326029031_6172602189534463627_n SM004__84124.1413401812.220.220

We know the chap behind Shadow Miniatures from his more fantastical projects, but did not realise that he had branched out into ‘heavy metal’.

What is even more extraordinary is the price you can secure one of these beauties for. Would you believe that a crisp tenner will gain you the assistance of this hymn to pain?

Trot over here and have a gander:

Heroes and Villains at Hammerhead

On this fine and upcoming weekend takes place the Hammerhead Show at its new venue on the Newark Showground in Lincolnshire. For those who are unfamiliar with its basic concept, the show is play orientated, only allowing Participation Games in the American style. There will also be around 35+ Traders including Ainsty, Warlord, Prodos amongst them. Oh, yes and they also do a giveaway figure…

You can get more details from

The GCN (Games Club Network) will be taking its newest take on IHMN, Heroes and Villains. These are 1 on 1 games fought over 2′ x 2′ boards with 100 point demi-companies using a number of scenarios, some modified from the books, some new ones. Play tests have proved to be very quick and very bloody!

The available Companies are split into two factions, Villains (Evil) and Heroes (Mostly Goodish). Included amongst them so far are the Cirque de Tenebrae, Captain Kennedy’s Marines, the Voodoo Blood Cult (Red Sect) and the Brides of Dracula (Noble Vampire)…

FOG is here!



Artizan’s FOG steampunk range is expanding rapidly with a number of figures that seem to have been sculpted with IHMN in mind. Have a butcher’s at the selection below:

img1981 img1982

Arc-rifle infantry anyone?

img1983 (1)  img1984

A Bobby and an Incorrigible?


A brave adventurer who could fit into almost any company.


Another pair of Bobbys.



I do like the Police utilising breath preservers against the pervasive London smog.

And there’s a lot more that you can find here:

Wargames Illustrated’s IHMN Event

Just passing on some information from Col. Bollands:

Here at WI, we love sharing the hobby with our readers. Our most recent ‘Lion Rampant Day’ was not only very successful but also a whole lot of fun! In fact, plans are in progress for our next event, as detailed below:

Saturday 27 June 2015, WIHQ Nottingham – In Her Majesty’s Name Day, where up to 24 players bring along an Adventuring Company based upon any of those in the rulebook and supplements, then declare themselves either as Dastardly Villians or Stalwart Heroes in a race against time to ‘Save Her Majesty’ (Gawd Bless ‘Er!).

To register your interest, email us at

I shall be attending this, as may Charles, and we will be bringing the IHMN Boardgame and Daisho with us.  So who’s up for some ungentlemanly warfare?