IHMN Campaign Day

Here are a few photos of yesterday’s IHMN Event at Wargames Illustrated HQ in Nottingham, UK.
All the terrain and hundreds of civilians and their vehicles were provided by Shaun Mclaughlin and his comrade-in-arms Terry.

2015-06-27 09.13.15

Wayne Bollands, of Wargames Illustrated, provided an intriguing three-part campaign across the day which culminated with a massive 12 player finale on a huge London City Board.

2015-06-27 14.26.17

The day was enjoyed immensely by all and we got to put faces to quite a few people who have contributed here, on the IHMN blog and the Lead Adventure IHMN forum. Not least the ingenious Silibuster, whose writings entertain us all every week :)
Danny of WI took lots of excellent photos which I expect we shall see in their blog and magazine in due time.

The Brick Lane Commune rise!

After gawd only knows how many years I’ve finally got around to painting my BLC. They have always been my favourite company so it’s about time I painted them.

2015-06-21 10.30.28

As you can see they are based on pennies, base-coated and receiving their first round of washes. Once all the washes are done then I shall begin the detailing such as pinstripes, chequer patterns, unifying armbands and neckerchiefs, as well as faces, buckles and buttons.

I have sixteen figures to do so I can have a wide variety of different BLC companies, and then I must construct the mechanised walker… so no biggy :)

I’ll post a few WIP shots as I progress through the project.





A few facts…

I thought that you might like to see a few stats about IHMN.

Osprey and other outlets have sold over 5,000 copies of IHMN, over 2,000 copies of HVF and it must be close to just as many for SDRS. These numbers include several hundred e-book sales.

The first post on what later became the In Her Majesty’s Name sub-board of Lead Adventure Forums’ Victorian Science Fiction board was posted on February 17, 2013, by Nick Eyre of North Star Miniatures.
Since then there have been 7748 Posts on 829 different IHMN Topics. That is roughly one new topic and eight posts per day.

The IHMN Blog meanwhile has managed to produce 380 topics garnering 936 comments as well as uploading dozens of items of bonus material, fiction and fan-authored material. There have been 303,430 views by 60,124 visitors.

The IHMN Facebook page has had an unknown number of postings (I can’t find a stat’s option), but they must be in the hundreds and currently has over 830 members.

In the UK, IHMN has appeared at dozens of wargames shows, with the busiest display chap being the inestimable Mr. Dave Wise and his GCN crew, closely followed by the stalwart chaps of the White Hart Club. IHMN games have appeared in every Salute since 2013 and in 2014 had three independent games being run (one of which won the Bill Brewer award for best presented). We have had numerous reports of games being displayed at shows in the United States, Europe and Australasia.

IHMN games have appeared in every Salute since 2013 and in 2014 had three independent games being run at the same time (one of which won the Bill Brewer award for best presented). We have had numerous reports of games being displayed at shows in the United States, Europe and Australasia.

So next time you mention IHMN and a gamer says “What’s that then?” you are entitled to sigh and say “Where have you been? Living under a rock?” :)

A Penny Dreadful Competition

A little friendly competition for you. As the most excellent second series of Penny Dreadful progresses it would be entertaining to see a miniature representation of the cast.

A few simple rules methinks:
1. Any scale is fine, but the figures must be both painted and based.
2. We are looking for an accurate representation rather than a beautiful paint job.
3. The judging shall be purely subjective by Lord Charles and myself.
4. You have from now until the end of July, or earlier if everyone agrees.
5. Photographs of your entire cast together should be posted on the Lead Adventure IHMN Penny Dreadful thread (http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=79153.new#new), no individual figure photos.
6. You are all free to swap ideas on figures etc.
7. The figures must include as a minimum Miss Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, Sembene, Ethan Chandler and Victor Frankenstein. You may add to this, if you so wish, the Creature, Lily, Dorian Gray, Madame Kali and Ferdinand Lyle.

The set we like the most shall receive a signed copy of whichever one of our rulebooks you would like, including Daisho, and Gothic (if you are prepared to wait).

Black Ops Skirmish Game

This has been penned by our good friend Guy Bowers. I was able to watch Guy running a participation game of this at Salute and it looked to be great fun.


It is planned for a September 2015 release.
Black Ops is a skirmish wargame of tactical espionage combat for two or more players. It recreates on the tabletop the tension and excitement of modern action-thrillers such as the Bond and Bourne films, The Unit or Burn Notice TV shows, and the Splinter Cell and Modern Warfare series of video games.

The fast-play rules use regular 6-sided dice and a card-driven activation system to keep all players in the thick of the action, while the mission generator provides a wide range of options for scenarios, from stealthy extraction or surveillance missions to more overt raids or assassinations. Stealth, combat and technical expertise all have a role to play, and players may select from a number of different character types – spies, mercenaries, criminals, hackers, special forces and many more – to recruit the best possible team for the job.

Players may also choose to join a faction – powerful organizations, intelligence agencies, criminal syndicates, militaries or rebel groups, each with a stake in international affairs. By doing so, their team may receive certain benefits, but may also find itself limited at a crucial time.

With the variety offered by the characters, factions and scenarios, no two games of Black Ops should ever be the same! Although the standard Black Ops setting is an ultra-modern world just a hair removed from our own, the rules are versatile and adaptable enough to suit OSS operations behind Nazi lines, Cold War-era infiltration missions in Moscow or Berlin, or sabotage runs against a rival corporation’s interests in a cyberpunk dystopia, and the rulebook will include a guide to running games in such settings.