It all begins when something goes awry…

“In these, the twilight years of the nineteenth century, I amazed at how high mankind as soared, and at how deep it has fallen because of the myriad advances in our sciences and in engineering. Seldom does a day go by without a gentleman announcing his newest life-changing invention. Each claiming it will benefit mankind in some way.

“It is a pity that we, the leaders of the civilised nations of the earth, could not have put these marvels to better use. May God have mercy on us all.”

Robert Delamere, Lord Conway and Prime Minister 1893-95.

Welcome to the new home of In Her Majesty’s Name, a new set of Victorian Science Fiction skirmish wargames rules.

This blog is currently under construction, so please be patient while Charles and I load it up.

3 thoughts on “It all begins when something goes awry…

  1. I Just wanted to add my penny’s worth. I have been gaming all my life (rpg and wargames) that’s pretty much 40 of my 50 years of age… yeeesh, now I feel really old. In most of that time I have pretty much written my own rules for anything I am interested in… until now. For the first time ever I don`t feel the need to write my own. In Her Majesty’s Name is simply the most perfect set of Steampunk/Victorian rules and guidelines I have ever seen, let alone had the pleasure to own. I only just received my own copy and was able to read it from to cover and understand and retain in my head pretty much 95% of the rules in one sitting; a massive achievement and testimony to the strength of the good writing throughout. Yep, I shall be sticking to IHMN like glue; especially given its potential for nice long drawn out story arcs and its solitaire playability (my preferred chosen method for campaigns). Also really works for me because I have just recently taken the step of showcasing Victoriana and Steampunk as one of my main interests from now on, and was looking for a really decent set of rules I could use. I have made my own, and had all but decided these would do for me (as nothing else out there really `did it` for me)… and then I read this marvellous tome, and I knew I`d found perfection.

    I shall most certainly be including a lot about this game in my website over the coming months.

    Damn good show, what”


    • Oh you flatter us sir! 😉
      Although we do have great faith in our endeavours I somehow doubt that they are perfect, as the errata and upcoming FAQ’s would support this 😀
      I shall be sure to drop by your blog to see how you settle into the game.
      Craig & Charles.

      • I would be delighted for you to see the results of my endeavours. Just give me a few weeks to get the ball rolling (thank goodness I have the bulk of my existing figures painted… though I really love the look of the official IHMN range and hope I can collect some of them myself as Id like to do a review and painting tutorial for these). My wife is away visiting her parents in a week`s time, leaving me totally alone in the house; so my plan is to have a golly spiffing time planning and playing my first intrepid adventures into this fascinating genre.

        {{Although we do have great faith in our endeavours I somehow doubt that they are perfect, as the errata and upcoming FAQ’s would support this :D}}

        Well, take a look at the very first Gygax dungeons and dragons rules (I have a copy btw lol). These were utterly riddled with typos, chart errors and various inconsistencies; yet after 39 years they still remain the icon of perfection for all old school gamers – me included.

        IHMN has a few tiny errors… but meh, they`re not biggies, and can easily be overlooked, the rules are still manageable and pretty darn cool.

        Incidentally, I r-e-a-l-l-y like the captions that support each picture. It gives the thing so much more atmosphere and depth. Okay I`ll shut up now for fear of sounding like a fan boy. But mark my words… I suspect both of you have created what one day will be an iconic classic.

        chin chin,


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