Across the Telegraphic Horizon!

Forum, forums? fora?

In case you hadn’t yet noticed there are some healthy discussions on IHMN happening on some of the top wargames fora.

Over on TMP we have had a topic running since early February:

And on Lead Adventure a number of threads have opened up:

We have even turned up on Reaper Minis forum:

Blog, blogs? blogii?

Quite a few blogs reported the Northstar Nickstarter campaign supporting IHMN and a few went on to discuss the game in general@

The last on on the list above also managed to snag a full colour picture of the Johnson MkVII Industrial Walker (by Jessie McGibney).

Is your blog in this list above? If not, and you are discussing IHMN, then let us know so we can blow your trumpet here.

3 thoughts on “Across the Telegraphic Horizon!

  1. Hi Chris,
    A good start there. I particularly like the Lady and her Highlanders.
    In the rules is a points system that will allow you to design your own figures and companies.

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