Mechanical Walkers!

Since the advent of the Herbert S. Johnson Mechanical Strider in the USA in 1881, the range of both civilian and military variants has multiplied rapidly.

Most factories, mines, docks and construction sites now have these as they exponentially increase a man’s strength and ability to use powered tools. One man in a Mechanised Walker can do the work of six men, or two strong horses.
The Great Powers were not slow to see the applications of an armoured version of this invention. Now they can be seen in small numbers supporting infantry on a hundred battlefields. It was the Walker assault on the barricades that ended the Second Paris Commune in 1887.
The game includes eight walkers and more are currently in secret development in the Infernal Engine sheds.

5 thoughts on “Mechanical Walkers!

  1. A rules question.
    Not sure where to post rule queries.
    Does a machine gun used on a walker count as a single handed weapon?

    • Hi Glenn,
      In answer to your query, for the purposes of firing the machine gun on a walker does not count as a single-handed weapon, even though it is built into one arm of the walker.
      Many people use the dedicated IHMN forum on Lead Adventure for such comments and questions. It is a lively community with hundreds of threads and thousands of postings from enthusiastic IHMN players. You can find it here:

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