Despatches from the Front…

Well it is going to be a busy weekend, not least because of the Wales vs England clash this evening that will decide the Six Nations championship (I and a fervent Wales supporter).

If you are interested in the demonstration game that will launch IHMN at Salute this year there is a thread running about it on Lead Adventure;

Charles and our good friend Col. William Harrington CDM & Bar, have just completed a new battle between The Society of Thule and The Servants of Ra. Tod-truppen vs. Mummies, what more could one want? A full after action report will be published here early next week.

This day in 1895

  • Scotland won the Home nations Rugby Union Championship for the fourth time.
  • There was a drowning tragedy in the woods when three children, Esther Ann Riley, Percy Riley and Rebecca Godson were skating on the ten foot deep pond of Plumbley Colliery when the ice broke. Alfred Williamson, a 24 year old fireman at the pit attempted to rescue them but lost his life in the attempt. All four victims are buried at Eckington Cemetery under a memorial erected by workers from Plumbley Colliery and local people.
  • William Dodd received his Albert Medal from Queen Victoria (Penny Illustrated News, 16th March 1895). In the Digilake Colliery disaster he spent some five hours underground in chest-high, freezing, fast-flowing water, often in pitch black darkness. At one point he was almost washed away himself, and several times avoided being hit by wreckage floating in the water. He did in fact pass out at least once, but upon coming round insisted on returning to the pit to try and reach others. Some accounts state that he saved 30 lives that day; others put it as high as 47. However many it was, it’s clear that without his prompt action, organisation and selflessness, many more than 77 would have died that day.



6 thoughts on “Despatches from the Front…

  1. 100 years ago to the day, England won the first Grand Slam.

    Well done Wales, I love the way that the 6 Nations remains so unpredictable.

    For those who want a sporting bent to their games it is worth noting that International Rugby pre-dates the creation of Association Football and that in 1865 you were still allowed to catch the ball and run with it in Association Football!

    • Meh, bugger ’em. Wales won. If England had won, they’d be awful about it.

      My son is playing in a pickup game against a Welsh boys club in College Station, Texas, this weekend. He is trying to get a spot on the state All Star Squad, either as a lock or a fly half. Wish him luck!

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