Salute 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen! Gather round, gather round!

Those stout fellows at South London Warlords, an associated group to The Explorers’ Club,  are holding their annual jamboree on the 20th April 2013 at ExCeL London.

One believes that this is close to our great London Docks and can be easily attended by use of Her Majesty’s Docklands Light Railway. One is told that there will be docking facilities for those attending by personal dirigible or indeed by velocipede – how very modern.

On the intertelegraphic exchange system their address, apparently, is

At said jamboree the White Hart Wargamers are putting on a krieg-spiel in which you good people are welcome to participate. One is given to understand that this will be at table GD05 and will offer you the opportunity to become loyal servants of the Crown who are forced to indulge in deeds of derring-do to prevent a nefarious enemy from destroying the Empire – For Queen , Country and the Honour of the Club.

Or if one is of a caddish disposition one could engage our heroes as one of these villainous enemies of the Crown. One shall not comment on such low cunning and dark paths for fear of embellishing their importance when compared to the Empire.

By all accounts this shall provide you with an experience of great verisimilitude, though those of a nervous disposition are recommended to consult with their physician before attempting it.

Field Marshal Sir Charles Napier Murton KPMG, FRS, BA Hons (Cambs), and your humble servant, General Lord Craig Arthur Wellesey Cartmell OMG, ISS (50), shall be in attendance throughout mixing with the Hoi Polloi and hunting that elusive Snark for our collection.


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