Scotland Yard Figures

Well the latest figures from Northstar are here. These are the fifth company they have sculpted from the rules. Feast you eyes men!

The first are the brave boys in blue. Armed only with a whistle, their wits and an English All-Electric Truncheon (and a pistol when the situation merits it) they will take on the worst that the dark streets of the Capital can throw at them.


Below we can see the Good Doctor, the Consulting Detective, Sergeant Mallard and Inspector Bullrush. They lead the Scotland Yard companies into the fray.

Scotland Yard

Finally we have the stalwart fellows of the Special Branch. In 1895 they were at the cutting edge of secret intelligence and fought a cold war in the shadows against the enemies of the Crown.

Special Branch

8 thoughts on “Scotland Yard Figures

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  2. Will we be able to purchase figures from the starter sets individually or as ‘boosters’? I’d like some more Prussian zombies for my Thule Society, but I’d rather not have to buy the starter set all over again just to double the number of dead guys I can field.

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