Six days and counting…

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the countdown has entered its final phase. Salute 2013, and the launch of In Her Majesty’s Name is just six days away.

Charles and I are checking the charges on our Arc Pistols and the fitting of our SRC breastplates (I wish). We are both getting pretty excited all the same.

In the bad news category we will not be seeing the new game boards from the White Hart team. It seems the necessary buildings shall not arrive in time. However, do not despair for instead they will be bringing their magnificent 221B Baker Street board to play upon, and there will still be the painted companies to feast your eyes upon. I am hoping that I might have photo’s of this to show you before the event. They shall be on Table GD05.

We are bringing our own photographer – yes, that is you Bill – to the event and we will be putting up plenty of photos here and on some of the fora afterwards. Those bloggers amongst you who have been kind enough to support IHMN over the last few months shall also get access to these (details to follow).

Nick of Northstar shall have stock ready for those of you who pre-ordered the game and figures so you can pick it up at the show. We do not know if there will be any spare stock, sorry.

Of course Charles and I shall be on hand throughout the day. We shall be more than happy to talk to you, and even sign your rulebooks if you should so wish (am I letting my 15 minutes of fame get to my head here? – answers on a postcard please).

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