Leaky buckets…

It seems that Amazon have posted up a little secret…


Because of this leaky bucket I can now confirm that:

1. Charles and I are beavering away on a supplement for In Her Majesty’s Name.

2. It is called ‘Heroes, Villains & Fiends’, and should be same size as the rulebook.

3. It shall not be available until November – worldwide distribution creates long leadtimes.

4. The cover art shown on Amazon will not be the final cover art, as it is one of the internal pieces from the rules. There shall be a brand new piece for us all to admire.

5. The content of the supplement is a closely guarded secret, but since I know that you won’t tell anyone, it will add more ‘stuff’ to everything but the core rules.

Ask any queations you like but I shall not promise to provide any more that what is above…

4 thoughts on “Leaky buckets…

  1. I read somewhere there were going to be 12 factions.

    We have 5 so far so presumably there is plenty of scope for at least 7 more, and a considerable increase in figures available for all the factions.

    Hopefully the walkers too will see the light of day

  2. Nice fishing attempt Andy 🙂 Consider that we managed to cram 10 companies in between all the rules and other essential stuff in the IHMN rulebook. Now consider that this second book is the same size and won’t have any of that extra nonsense… yes there may be a few more companies than just a dozen.

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