Well here we go!

Packing now and soon Conor (my son) and I will be heading down south to Old London Town for Salute 2013. Meeting up with Sir Charles tonight and then with a gang of other Victorian madmen including Matt von Stroheim and Hong Kong Bill on the morrow.

I’m hoping to see many old friends at the show and make many new ones. I’m sure the White Hart Gamers, the Osprey Clan and the Northstar Conclave will be amongst them.

Hong Kong Bill is bringing the idiot-proof camera (big shout for Jess there), so we should have lots of pictures for the blog of VSF and Steampunk wizardry! I expect that if I could work out how to use my new Galaxy Note II I could blog straight from the show – lucky I’m bringing a tech-savvy 14 year old along then isn’t it? But don’t expect miracles from this old dog!

By the end of the day I expect to be a physical and mental wreck – but hey it’s what we do for what we love 😀

See you there… last one into the pool is a rotten egg!!

2 thoughts on “Well here we go!

  1. I’m sorry that I never got the chance to see the game – too busy running around collecting orders ! But I did get the rulebook and Black Dragon Tong (courtesy of Nick’s starter and Great Escape Games).

    I’ve had a quick look through the rules, and I like what I’m seeing. One quick question, though – would you be willing to put up a downloadable .pdf or the QRS at the back ? I hate folding new books (even rulebooks !), and I always find a laminated playsheet useful …… one can but ask.

    Thanks, in hope,

    Chris Hall

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