Salute 2013 – what a blast!!

Hi All,

I shall produce a fuller report on Salute over the next few days, with lots of photos, so you can share  in what was one of the best experiences of my gaming life.

First though I’d like to thank a few people:

The White Hart Gamers: Guys you put on the best display and participation game at Salute this year. Your friendliness and willingness to engage the public did more than anything else to bring people around and let them seem the fun that IHMN can be. You even let me and my son Conor have a go with your excellently painted figures and interesting scenarios. I failed to rescue Amy Pond and the Doctor as Conor handed me my ass – again.

Shaun of The Bunker ( The father of the feast. Shaun brought out his 221B Battle Boards for us all to play across when we couldn’t get the other boards ready in time. Without him all would have been lost – thank you!

Phil at Osprey: thanks for your support as always. It was great for Charles and I to finally meet the chap who set all this in motion with your – “Craig would you like to write some Steampunk rules for us?” We also have a good plan for going forwards with the supplement.

Nick of Northstar: You sir, are a solid chap! With your enthusiasm I can see why Northstar are doing so well. Thank you for supporting IHMN and we shall work hard to continue to deliver for you as the game goes forwards.

Steve Saleh – sculptor extraordinaire: It is not often that you meet a real artist so this was a special pleasure for me. What floored me was how enthusiastic you were about the project and how much you said you had enjoyed sculpting the first four companies. Lovely bloke who I hope to meet again.

Cpt Kremmen and the many other other blog and forum enthusiasts: It was great to meet you all in person at last. You have been our support over the last few months and have kept us both believing this might actually work.

Our friends: who turned up in unexpected numbers to cheer us on. Especially Will Hayes who was the chap who encouraged me to write wargames rules in the first place (yes it is all Will’s fault).

And, of course, last but by no means least, the hundreds of you who turned up to pick up your pre-orders, or who rushed over to Great Escape games to snap up the few available copies of the rules. Many of you dropped by to wish us well which, for me, made the whole event so much more real. Thank you one and all.

5 thoughts on “Salute 2013 – what a blast!!

  1. I had a brief glance at the game but everyone seemed very engaged so I didn’t speak to anyone. Lots of interest. I have had several flicks through the rules and I just love them! The opportunities to use my Darkest Africa figures and the excuse to buy some Artizan French Foreign legion are already inspiring me. Just basing my first figures now! Well done to everyone as listed in your post!

    • Oh Hedlius, you should have stepped forwards! We met so many excellent chaps yesterday and not one was seen as an interruption. I shouldn’t say this but there are several new companies which hail from the Dark Continent currently being written for the supplement…

  2. Craig,
    I have had one read through the rules now. Look very good. I am collating one or two minor rules queries to ask you. Can I ask where you would prefer to post these rules queries, most appropriate forum etc?

    Not exactly a “review” but I picked up the Thule faction and the Scotland yard faction, I have cleaned up all the figures this morning and primed them. I must say that for this scale and period I believe they are the best figures I have seen.

    Whilst there are one or two classic poses I love, none of the figures are poor. My 2 favourites so far are the German commander a brilliant model, and a very iconic “Bobby” with the big mustasche and his hands held behind his back. “Ello Ello Wat do we have ere then?”

    Andy (cptkremmen)
    PS Sarissa Precision had an excellent range of new lazer cut MDF buildings on display due out in the next 2 weeks. They look perfect for IHMN. I preordered the raised walkways for my warehouse but when I am feeling rich the full blown buildings will look good on a IHMN board.

    Walkers please 🙂

    • Hi Andy,
      It was really nice to meet you yesterday. I have just got home from the deep south and am going to take a day or two to gather my thoughts.
      Please feel free to ask your questions here or on the TMP/Lead Adventure Fora.

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