Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine

Issue 66 of this esteemed publication, out now, contains a two page interview with Charles and myself about IHMN.

The Editor, Guy Bowers, contacted a us a few weeks ago and conducted the interview over Skype. A most unusual event for both of us. I certainly have never been interviewed by a magazine before. Somehow I expected a photographer and young ladies of dubious reputation… but it was much more straightforward than that and actually quite enjoyable.

So why are you still reading this and not rushing out to buy a copy? 😉

4 thoughts on “Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine

  1. You have not met Lady Boudicca Cartmell, my spouse. I can assure you that if said young ladies had been involved I would be corresponding from my hospital bed.

  2. I’d rush off to buy a copy of the rules if only it was out! It seems you’re enjoying taunting those of us that are excited about these rules.

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