9 thoughts on “Creating your own Company in IHMN

  1. And Max gets the prize for spotting one of the three deliberate mistakes 🙂
    You know I actually used a calculator to add up the points as well.

  2. One question about the point values, if a I look at Blues & Royals in the Rulebook the points should be 34 not the 31 writen. Is it also deliberate because of fluff?

  3. Max, you are going to find a few (hopefully) very small points errors in the companies. This is because we overhauled the points system shortly before we submitted the final version to the publishers and missed a couple.
    We’re going to release a short errata sheet after the publication launch on 20th May to clean these up. It will certainly be shorter than the ones Games Workshop release for every single codex 🙂

  4. Ah ok , I thought it was for balancing and to add some specials bonus to the companies.
    Btw the rules are great, I never thought I will ever play VSF, you managed it!

  5. Great game.

    Minor error, page 63 Reference Sheet: 4.Fighting says Roll 1d10 + SV + Weapon + other modifiers, it should be FV.

    How much does a Speed bonus cost?

    • Hi Mark,
      We were wondering when someone would notice that 🙂
      There are a few more little errors in the game as well, nothing that changes anything, but we will publish an errata sheet next week.

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