Painting the Black Dragon Tong


The one chap I wished I had been able to meet at Salute was Kev Dallimore. I’ve been following his work for decades. Well you can imagine my excitement when I was told that he would be a) Painting the demo figures for IHMN, and b) providing the photographs for the rulebook.

Now he is publishing guides to how he painted them over on Northstar. The latest instalment is the Dragon Lady and you can read it here:

3 thoughts on “Painting the Black Dragon Tong

    • I thought the same about his Naval Brigade but in the end I just had a go. Just because you can’t play football like Messi doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get on the park and have a kick about!

      • Actually although I greatly respect Kev’s talent I find his style a little bright for the period. When I finally get around to painting these figures I shall be using a more muted palette and working with more washes that he seems to.
        Steve Saleh’s sculpting gives us a wealth of very fine detail that I think washes will bring out better than the more opaque paints many use.

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