Hinterland Miniatures

Following on from those female Prussian Zombies I featured a few days ago I have had time to peruse the Hinterland website. What a lovely surprise it was too!

There is a wide range of mostly female military and civilian figures perfect for our period. For example:

Naval CommandTrench Raiders

And even if you just want some figures to add colour to your setting, how about these beauties:

Camel Train

The figures are metal and very reasonably priced. For example the Command Group and Trench Raider sets above are just $8.25 and the Camel Train $16.00. I have no idea if they have a distributor over here, but I am going to find out.


There are already ideas for an Austro-Hungarian all-female Company forming in my mind…

There is also one pack of Pulp Figures should you be so inclined.


One thought on “Hinterland Miniatures

  1. The camel train reminds me of Adele Blanc-Sec, that rather splendid female French journalist/adventuress. I’ve been contemplating an Austro-Hungarian company too, although not primarily female 😉

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