Hinterland Miniatures

Following on from those female Prussian Zombies I featured a few days ago I have had time to peruse the Hinterland website. What a lovely surprise it was too!

There is a wide range of mostly female military and civilian figures perfect for our period. For example:

Naval CommandTrench Raiders

And even if you just want some figures to add colour to your setting, how about these beauties:

Camel Train

The figures are metal and very reasonably priced. For example the Command Group and Trench Raider sets above are just $8.25 and the Camel Train $16.00. I have no idea if they have a distributor over here, but I am going to find out.


There are already ideas for an Austro-Hungarian all-female Company forming in my mind…

There is also one pack of Pulp Figures should you be so inclined.

1 thought on “Hinterland Miniatures

  1. The camel train reminds me of Adele Blanc-Sec, that rather splendid female French journalist/adventuress. I’ve been contemplating an Austro-Hungarian company too, although not primarily female 😉

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