Figure Reference Cards

I am currently working on some designs for individual Figure Reference Cards. These will give players useful information in an easy to use format for each of the figures in the published companies.

I currently have two designs underway and would like your feedback. The first has fairly nice graphics and the basic information for the individual figure.

IHMN Figure Card 1

The second has far more information including a summary of key modifiers for moving, fighting and shooting on the reverse.

IHMN Figure Card 2

So what do you think?

If anyone knows that they can do better than my faltering efforts and would like to do the cards themselves or create an easy template for me to use, please feel free.

I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to graphics 😀 I have actually used Word and Excel to create those you see above.



10 thoughts on “Figure Reference Cards

  1. First, Craig, I think you have the samples the wrong way round to the descriptions …

    I prefer the amount of info on the more detailed card personally, but there would need to be a gap between the centre line and the right side data as without a gap – as it is at the moment – the centre-line makes the right-side info harder to read

    • Hi Colin,
      Excellent, just the sort of feedback I’m looking for.
      I’ll not being doing much with the cards in the lead up to launch day on Monday.
      However, I shall try to get some more examples done next weekend.

    • Thanks for the feedback everyone.
      Does anyone have a better design they’d like to submit? As with everything I do, if you contribute you get full credit. So if you do design a good card layout then put your name at the bottom of it ok?

  2. Here are my first attempts (heavily inspired by Craig’s) of a credit card sized reference card (2×3”):
    I guess that the back can either contain more info or be the same in another colour scheme to indicate that the figure have been activated. It is alternate figure activation, isn’t it? Waiting for my copy as I missed to pre-order from North Star 😦

  3. Now that is really neat Christer, and very easy on the eyes.
    Charles and I are now thinking that the bonus by the weapon should be the weapon bonus + FV or SV to save people having to add this up all the time. What do you all think?

    • Sounds a bit weird that a “pistol” have different stats depending on who uses it. I think that it actually will be easier if the FV/SV bonus have to be added manually. A second argument against autp-added bonuses is that not all people will use the ref-cards. I fear that if one player simply uses the book-value and the other player have the bonuses included in the profile confusion will arise.
      BTW. One important thing for profile cards is the point cost! This is a mock-up for the Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company:

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