Two days and counting….!

Ladies, Gentlemen and the lower ranks,

It is now only two days to the official release of In Her Majesty’s Name. Hopefully copies of the rules are even now winging their way through the air, or the ether, to all of you who have ordered a copy.

To celebrate this event we shall be publishing a brand new list for a company that, though mentioned in the rules was never properly described. Watch this space on Monday. This company has been written by Charles and I must say that it is one that shall give those damnable Prussians a well-deserved seeing to!

In other news Nick at Northstar has announced that his merry men are currently sculpting a sixth company from the rules. I shall leave Nick to say who it is, but let us say that it is my favourite.

In two weekends from now the boy Conor and myself shall be travelling east to Newark to join those stalwarts of The White Hart and The Bunker at Partizan. It is a show I have not attended before so I am looking forwards to seeing old friends and making many new ones.

Please pop by and see us. We’ll be on the 12’x4′ representation of the East End of London shouting “Well done that chap!” and “Huzzah!”.


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