It’s Launch Day!

Charles and I are pleased to announce the official launch of the In Her Majesty’s Name rulebook. After 18 months of writing, editing, rewriting, submitting, editing, resubmitting, printing, marketing, working with North Star, attending Salute and running this blog it is finally here.

We hope that most of you who pre-ordered through the various sources now have your hands on a copy and are now able to determine if all this effort was actually worth it.

We’d like to thank everyone at Osprey and North Star who have been so closely involved with this project. Thanks should also go to Shaun of the Bunker and the good chaps of the White Hart for their sterling work at Salute, as well as all the stalwarts on Lead Adventure, The Miniatures Page, The Board of the Dead and bloggers too numerous to mention, for their support over the last few months.

It has been a completely new and sometimes emotional experience for both of us and we have both had to put our normal lives on hold at times in order to achieve it.

A New Print Run 

We are informed by our favourite Osprey, editor Phil Smith, that they have had to order a new print run to meet the demand for this game, before it had even officially launched! This is apparently unprecedented and we are really grateful to everyone who has shown an interest in the game. We hope that it gives you as much fun as it has given us.

The Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company

To celebrate the launch Charles has written up the full company listing for  this as a free launch day gift to you all. You can find it on the Bonus Materials page. This company featured strongly in the examples in the rules but was never listed separately as a company in its own right.

Even better news is that the Extraordinary Company is in fact three lists in one, with very different sections for Captain’s Napier, Carruthers and Keene. Now you have a force that can give those damnable Prussians a good biff on the nose! Huzzah!

The Launch is only the beginning…

As many of you already know Osprey has Charles and myself hard at work on the first supplement for IHMN, Heroes, Villains and Fiends. There shall be more news on this later in the week.

The blog shall carry on with new material as often as we can write it. We shall also be featuring many of the companies you create yourselves, as well as battle reports, fiction, artwork, figures etc.

Our active presence on the three fora mentioned above shall continue. All of them have been a real inspiration to us and your enthusiasm has kept us going.

I have been trying to get round all the blogs that have mentioned IHMN and I shall continue to do so. However, I rely on Google to find these so if I haven’t stuck my head around your door yet let me know. I’m always happy to give a shout here to reviews, battle reports, painted companies etc.

The Figure Card project is underway and is being discussed on Lead Adventure’s VSF board. The idea is to create individual reference cards for all the official companies’ figures, as well as a template that you can use for your own.

Later this week we shall publish an Excel Sheet that allows you to roster your Company and which self-calculates all the points costs. This has been developed for us by Kate Winson, a ‘supporting member’ of the White Hart.

++Error Message++

Later today I shall post up the errata sheet on the Bonus Materials page. Yes, even we make mistakes ;). Fortunately there have only been enough to fill a single page and most are minor points changes to the companies. The reason for these is that the points system went through a number of revisions in the final stages of the project. This led to a few errors creeping in despite Charles and I spending whole evenings calculating and checking the figures. Though I don’t expect that the copious consumption of good French red wine helped :D.

We only wish that we had Kate’s Sheet back then.

10 thoughts on “It’s Launch Day!

  1. Hi Noah, that is disappointing. However, I understand some of the bigger distributors such as Amazon may have hard copies left. And there is always the digital version….

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