Heroes, Villains & Fiends

By kind permission of Osprey Publishing, the authors of In Her Majesty’s Name (General Lord Craig Arthur Wellesley Cartmell and Field Marshal Sir Charles Napier Murton) are proud to announce the creation of the first Supplement for the game.  Provisionally titled “Heroes, Villains and Fiends”, the Supplement is due for publication in November 2013.
We will be providing you with host of new Companies ranging across three continents.  For example, from the New World you’ll see Companies such as the Mounties, the Apache, various Western Gangs, the Rail Barons and their Industrial allies, the Secret Service, a Bokor and his Zombie followers, the Republic of Texas and last, but by no means least, the League of Southern Gentlemen.
The Dark Continent will offer everything from the Queen’s Own African Rifles and a Hunting Party through to the Boer Commando, the Sons of the Desert and the Zulu.
The Old World ’s rather gothic contribution will include the Templars, the Okhrana, the Cognoscenti, Le Cabinet Noir, the Hellfire Club and the Entourage of the Prince of Wallachia .
To support all this there will be new equipment, new talents and new mystical powers.
There will also be new landscapes, new scenarios, new scenario complications and additional material on campaigns.
We hope you will enjoy and maybe even survive all these new challenges …

27 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains & Fiends

    • Brasenose? I’m a Lincoln man. As editor, I may need to introduce a typo to “fix” any such Company list…

      • Well I never went to Uni, us Welsh are not posh enough see. So I’ll leave you two ‘gentlemen’ to settle this on the field of battle 😀

  1. Stephen, please remain exactly where you are. A member of the Cognoscenti shall be along shortly to deal with you 😉
    Mr Nash, such is the time it takes to push a product through the printing and publishing cycle I’m afraid. Do not worry we shall continue to publish extra materials here on the blog to keep you busy.

  2. We shall not Andy. We are working hard to try and keep everything in balance.
    There will even be a backwards compatibility table so that companies from the Rulebook can partake of the new stuff in the supplement.

  3. Its is funny to hear that the russian okhrana is on the way, I personally made some rules for them for my russians from BG. Boer commando , nice was in my mind until I made my thuggees 🙂

    • Max, I’m working up a Thuggee list for my own game – any chance you’d like to share what you have already?

      • Give me your e-mail and I will send you the file. You will need OpenOffice to open it I think.

  4. Reckon northstar are going to have a tough time keeping up with the figure ranges.

    Could I make a suggestion. Whilst I think the official figures are 1st rate, there just aren’t enough of them available yet.

    How about a little spreadsheet with all the known and proposed factions down the page and all the manufacturers whose 28mm ranges are kind of suitable across the page.

    I think a lot of people new to the period like me would find this very helpful. Suspect if you did this on lead adventurers forum the very knowledgable people there would have the spreadsheet filled in within a couple of days……


  5. I shall eagerly await your most excellent literary publication, and I also second my colleagues suggestion of listing alternative manufacturers (not to cast aspersions on Northstars most excellent line). In the meantime I look forward to the introduction of a certain Professor to provide a foil for the gentlemen of Baker Street.

    • I am more than happy for other figure manufacturers to featured here though I must admit to certain bias as I have never had figures made of my literary creations before.
      As for The Professor he shall be along by and by in July so watch this space. ..

  6. Craig the northstar figures are superb
    Only available in starter packs, you can’t buy extra bobbies etc
    They only do 5 factions

    In fact I would like to list some of north stars other ranges as suitable alternatives. I have ordered a pack of 1866 Prussian skirmishes from them.



    New Talents:
    Gatka (Cost 5 points)
    Has two attacks in melee against a single opponent. Also gains a +1 on his FV-Rolls when facing two or more opponents in melee.

    Grasp of Kali
    Touch 1 phase Fighting Pluck roll yes Cost 10
    1 Opponent in melee must make a Pluck-Roll if his armor is lower than 10

    Curse of Kali 12“ 1 phase Shooting/Fighting Pluck Roll no Cost 12
    1 designated Opponent must reroll his first successful Pluck-Roll, and take the second result. This Curse only counts for 1 phase and only for one Pluck-Roll.

    Amulet of Kali Ma Cost 10
    This amulet blessed by Kali Ma herself makes his wearer immune to pain. It grants its wearer the Numb talent.

    Kapala of Raktabija Cost 15
    This cup made from a human skull contains sanctified blood. Every wounded follower of Kali Ma who drinks from it is healed. It grants its wearer the medic skill with +1 for the necessary Pluck Roll.

    Sankara stones Cost 21
    These sacred stones given to Sankara by Shiva hold great powers. If all of them are brought together, they can bring destruction over all betrayers of Shiva. These stones grant their wearer the spitfire mystic power.

    The Sabres of Kali Ma Cost 6 per sabre
    These two heavy sabres are said to have been wielded by Kali herself. They count as swords with a -2 Pluck Modifier. If both wielded together they grant a +1 Speed bonus for their wielder.

    • Outstanding (and thanks for posting the info despite my tardiness getting back to you!). I’ve gone a very different way with my Thuggee list so far – there’s only one character with access to Mystical Powers, and she’s not exactly what you’d expect. To be fair, it’s more an Indian cult than the Thuggee exactly, though they form the basis of the concept. As soon as I’ve worked out a few kinks, I’ll post it up.

      Cheers again!

      • Bhalendra
        Son of Kali Ma
        Leadership +2
        Grasp of Kali
        Curse of Kali
        Clouding Men`s Minds

        Sabal Singh
        Sikh Bodyguard
        2x sabre

        Chosen of Kali
        The Path of Shadows
        Amulett of Kali Ma

        Ranjit Khan Maharaja of Pankot
        Brigandine, Sabre, Throwing Knives (poisoned)

        Thuggee Cultists
        Fighting Knives

        The Tiger Princess
        Naturally tough hide – treat as jack armor

      • So here’s what I have so far. I wanted to play with a few themes here – a ‘power behind the throne’ situation with a puppet leader, rather than the traditional ‘leader = badass’ set-up, and a cult with little access to Mystical Powers…

        The Thugs of Kadru

        India, the jewel in the crown of the British Empire, is a land under siege from many enemies. Beyond its borders, the Great Powers covet the wealth of the Raj, and send agents, spies and mercenaries to sabotage British interests and court local potentates. Within its borders, separatists, revolutionaries and slavers keep India in a state of turmoil. Few threats, however, are as sinister as the Thuggee cult – the followers of Kali. Driven underground by campaigns in the 1830s, the Thugs were never wiped out, and continued to practice their murderous rituals far from the centres of British authority, stalking and strangling travellers in the name of their goddess. Fleeing deep into the eastern jungles, one band of Thugs discovered an ancient temple, and claimed it as a base from which to operate. What they did not realize was that, ancient though the temple may have been, abandoned it was not. The ruins were home to an old and powerful creature – a demon, half-snake, half-woman. Taking the name of Kadru, the Mother of Serpents, she swiftly entranced the Thug chieftain, twisting his devotion to Kali into blind obedience to her commands, and using her powers of illusion and mesmerism to establish him as a prophet in the eyes of his followers.

        The bloodline of that Thug chieftain endures to this day, and Kadru controls the cult through her manipulation of its puppet figurehead, the Guru. To the Thugs that make up the cult’s congregation, the Guru is beloved by Kali, and controls Kadru and her serpent offspring as a mark of Her blessing. Through the Guru, Kadru has sent envoys to seek out other surviving Thugs, seeking to reunify the cult under her banner. Her plans beyond that are known only to Kadru herself…

        The Guru is fanatically loyal to Kadru, and an inspirational figurehead for the cult, but is otherwise a rather unexceptional man. Fortunately, he is protected at all times by his brother, Feringea, a powerful warrior whose skill with a blade is matched only by his devotion to Kali and to his brother. Kadru herself is a dangerous foe, as capable of savaging an enemy as capturing his mind. Her children, the Naga – giant snakes – are common sights in the Thugs’ temple and amongst their ranks when they go into battle. The cult itself is overseen by Jemadars, chieftains answering to the Guru, who command small gangs of Thugs. While most Thugs are armed with a sword, musket or looted rifle, some fanatical members of the cult – the Phansigars – fight only with the sacred rumal, seeking to strangle their enemies as sacrifices to Kali.
        The Guru – 25pts
        – Pluck 4+ / FV +0 / SV +0 / Speed +0
        – Talents: Fanatic, Inspirational, Leadership +2
        – Equipment: –

        Kadru, Mother of Serpents – 84pts
        – Pluck 2+ / FV +4 / SV +0 / Speed +2
        – Talents: Antivenom, Stealthy, Terrifying, Clouding Men’s Minds, Mesmerism
        – Equipment: Poisonous bite (count as poisoned fighting knife), scales (count as chain shirt)

        Feringea – 32pts
        – Pluck 3+ / FV +3 / SV +0 / Speed +0
        – Talents: Fearless, Tough
        – Equipment: Sword

        Jemadar – 15pts* (*not including the cost of any additional Talents)
        – Pluck 4+ / FV +2 / SV +2 / Speed +0
        – Talents: Leadership +1 (may choose 1 Talent at additional cost)
        – Equipment: Sword

        Naga – 35pts
        – Pluck 3+ / FV +2 / SV +0 / Speed +2
        – Talents: Antivenom, Stealthy
        – Equipment: Poisonous bite (count as poisoned fighting knife), scales (count as jack)

        Phansigar – 15pts
        – Pluck 5+ / FV +2 / SV +0 / Speed +1
        – Talents: Fanatic
        – Equipment: Rumal

        Thug – 8pts
        – Pluck 5+ / FV +1 / SV +1 / Speed +0
        – Talents: –
        – Equipment: Sword
        – Any Jemadar or Thug may purchase a shield (+1 point)
        – Any Jemadar or Thug may exchange his sword for a musket (+2 points) or a military rifle (+5 points)
        – A Jemadar may purchase a lined coat (+1 point)
        New Weapon
        Rumal (garrotte) – 5pts
        – FV Bonus: +0 (+1 when Outnumbering)
        – Hands Required: 2
        – Pluck Modifier: -2
        – Notes: Counts as a 1-handed weapon for the purposes of Outnumbering (3.4.3)

  8. A wonderful development, really looking forward to seeing this. I’ve also been dabbling with creature creation for my games too, as they will have a ‘Lovecraft’ feel to part of the background. Early days at the moment, with just a rumble of assorted notes and ideas, but I’m always happy to share. Perhaps it may provide you content for a second supplement? ‘Beasts, Monsters & Horrors’?

      • Doubly Maddening for sure – my particular idea at the moment is taken from Neil Gaiman’s short story ‘A Study In Emerald’.

        I will indeed share my ideas Sir, and I had just mentioned my idea for a mixed human and creature force, the Berber Horde, on the Lead Adventures site in fact (Mr Hollyoak’s excellent Bedouin idea).

        Courtesy of Artizan Designs, the Berbers: http://www.artizandesigns.com/gallery/blackguard.jpg

        And probably use Defiance Games Swamp Worms as my Sand Worms 🙂

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