15-18mm Figures for IHMN

One or two chaps have been asking me whether I know of any suitable 15-18mm figure ranges for IHMN. Now I hadn’t got a clue so I put the question to a group of stout gentlemen down at Lead Adventure.

White Knight, Thunderchicken, Scorpio and Dewbakuk quickly came to our rescue with the following suggestions:

Black Hat Miniatures

Black Hat Miniatures


Rebel Minis

Rebel Minis


Highlander Studios

Highlander Studios 1 Highlander Studios 2


Blue Moon Manufacturing

Who have by far the largest range of the four.

Blue Moon 2 Blue Moon


I must admit to being surprised having generally seen 15-18mm as a large battle scale, not for skirmish or RPG. These companies though are producing characterful miniatures to a high standard.

So thanks to our contributors a whole new horizon unfolds…


1 thought on “15-18mm Figures for IHMN

  1. The Blue Moon figs will definitely look taller compared to the Rebel/Highlander offerings, as a side note. But their ranges are extensive and affordable.

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