In the Emperor’s Name 3rd Edition!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are led to believe by Mr H.G Wells that in the far future there is only war.

It is a depressing prediction, but one made a little lighter by the news today that the third edition of the Grandfather of IHMN – In the Emperor’s Name – has been published.

ItEN 3 Cover

While I concentrated on IHMN my friend and fellow-writer Gavin took up the mantle of Editor-in-chief of this effort. So to him must go the entire credit for this new edition.

I understand that there shall be more to come so make a note of this blog address:

A hearty Huzzah! and Well Done That Chap!!


5 thoughts on “In the Emperor’s Name 3rd Edition!

  1. Craig, you have NO idea how excited I am about this. I might be able to get my friends to do a 40K skirmish game because “he’s the same guy that wrote “In Her Majesty’s Name”, and that seemed to make everyone a bit more interested.

  2. Varangian, it is worth pointing out that I wrote the 1st edition, the chaps on the Forge of War Development Group rewrote (with my help) and massively expanded the 2nd edition, and I had absolutely nothing to with the 3rd edition.
    But hey, if it gets your guys to the table (and they are that easily impressed) say whatever you need to šŸ˜‰

    • Hi Jaye,
      The Forge of War Development Group decided that they prefer the humble d6 for ItEN. It’s a Wartyforhammer tradition apparently šŸ˜‰

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