Her Majesty’s Martian Constabulary

The ingenious Mr Nash, over at Down Among the Lead Men, has created a new company list for his Martian Constabulary. You can find it here: http://downamongtheleadmen.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/ihmn-her-majestys-martian-constabulary.html

What I particularly like about his effort is how he has developed his theme and used it to hold the entire force together. He began with the Scotland Yard list and then turned some of the elements to suit their new environment.

He has even painted up the entire force, resplendent in the their Martian Red uniforms. Below is but a single example. If you go to the blog you can peruse them all.


Charles and I are delighted to see so many new companies being created. It is what we intended in giving the creative reins to you. We shall feature as many as we can here, so let me know if you put your company up on a blog or forum.

1 thought on “Her Majesty’s Martian Constabulary

  1. Thanks for the kind words Craig. You should be aware that this is but the first of quite a few companies that I will describe … I hope the rest are as well received as the first has been!

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