Are you lookin’ at me son?

The cat is out of the bag!
The July issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy will feature The Kentish Men, a sinister alliance of London Villains written by Charles and myself:

Abel Caine – Lord o’ the Docks and his Kentish Men, the beast that is Black Jack Hines, Johnny Bristow – peerless pugilist, Molly Maguire – the harlot without a heart, Col. Morgan and the shadowy figure known only as The Professor shall grace the pages of this esteemed publication.

London will never be the same…

7 thoughts on “Are you lookin’ at me son?

  1. Ahh, my dear gentleman, you promised and lo you shall deliver!

    Now then, not that I am unable to compile my own mini’s, shall there be a corresponding miniature release for these nefarious individuals?

  2. The agreement we have with WSS is that we give them a couple of months clear water before publishing the list on the blog. So you either buy WSS or wait until the autumn.
    As for figures, some of them were part of the Nick-starter bonuses, but there are plenty of ranges out there with suitable one you can use instead.

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