IHMN2 – Heroes, Villains and Fiends – Update!

So, two weeks from the deadline and Charles and I are ramping up the hours we are putting in.  So much to do!

All the companies are written, but we’re in the balancing and editing stage on those. Reading each other’s work over and over. Kate’s points calculator is running white hot and I’m thinking it might blow at any moment! We may have to move to Aonghus’ points calculator soon (Note: both of these will soon be available on the IHMN blog).

Various other sections are being polished as well, after all we have a raft of new equipment, powers and talents. New scenario complications and landscapes across three continents. Water transportation as well as land, and a bestiary… Yes, I said a Bestiary.

We’re still inside the word limit so all’s looking good. If we have enough points to spare we might squeeze in another company.

Meanwhile I quit my job on Friday and start another on Monday, so no pressure there 😉

PS: Remember that the July edition of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine has a brand new official company in it. And it is one you have been waiting for…

3 thoughts on “IHMN2 – Heroes, Villains and Fiends – Update!

  1. Looking forward to seeing the new book. I wonder if you will be including rules for steam powered robots and other automatons. I want to create some steam spiders for a mad scientist company.

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