Heroes, Villains and Fiends – July 2nd update! … and other gubbins …

So, the writing stopped last week and the manuscript was submitted to two friends for some friendly peer review. Both chaps got busy and now we have their comments and revisions.

We’ll be amending the manuscript during this week and sending it to Osprey, hopefully, on Friday.

And that, as they say, will be that. Supplement 1 complete and ready to rock’n’foxtrot (which is like rock’n’roll, only more civilised).

Other gubbins

I’ve spent a few spare minutes updating the Reference Sheets in line with all your excellent feedback. I just need Charles to give it the once over and that will be released on the blog at the weekend…

In the meantime it has been suggested that we host Player-created Companies here on the blog. We think that this is an excellent idea, but we will have to have a few ground rules:

  1. The company must be your own, original work. We don’t mind if you’ve already published it on your blog or on a forum.
  2. The companies should follow the general format in the rules, i.e. Introduction/theme, character descriptions, company table and finally options.
  3. It should be submitted in word or txt format. I’ll then reformat it to match the standard from the rules.
  4. I’ll do a spellcheck and points cost check.
  5. If there is anything odd I’ll contact you to discuss it. I may also discuss new powers, talents or equipment with you, just to ensure it isn’t a game breaker and to cost it accurately.
  6. Your name will be credited in full in the header alongside your company’s title, and used for the copyright in the footer.
  7. I’ll then convert it to PDF and publish in a new Player Companies page.
  8. If you have photographs of figures you have converted and painted for this new company please pick just one to be included in the document. You can send me this as jpeg or add a link if you like. I’ll then take it and resize it before putting it into the document.
  9. If, for any reason, you want it taken down I shall do that straight away. The company is yours after all.
  10. If we get approached by any commercial organisation claiming it infringes their copyright (i.e. a film company or author etc.) I shall try and discuss it with them to see if we can come to a deal based on them getting fair credit, but if they insist I may have to take it down. I shall, of course keep you informed about that.
  11. Message me here or on Lead Adventure/TMP to get my e-mail address for submission. Alternatively put it on Dropbox or somewhere else I can easily access to download it.

So what are you waiting for?


2 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains and Fiends – July 2nd update! … and other gubbins …

  1. A most excellent idea old bean and rest assured Chief Inspector Johnson and the companies of his brothers shall make an appearance

  2. I’m developing a company based on existing fictional characters by a popular author. Does that still qualify as my own, original work? Or do I need to change the names? Also, I am a technically challenged when dealing with blogs: how do I message you to obtain your email?

    Thanks, and keep up the outstanding work.

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