New Reference Sheet!

Charles and I have just finished rewriting the reference sheets, taking into account the useful feedback we received from you all.

The new sheet not only has all the goodness from before but now also has the Talents and Mystical Powers.

You can find the new sheets on the Bonus Materials page.

7 thoughts on “New Reference Sheet!

  1. Great work on the new sheet, it’s really helpful having the additional mystic powers and talents. Is there a chance you can publish a none textured background one though? I usually print out reference sheets and would prefer not to waste too much ink on backgrounds 🙂

  2. Hi MrC,
    Just a quick question – on the last page, for ‘Mask Of Imhotep’, in the Pluck column you have ‘No*’ – may one ask what the asterisk implies, sir?
    And one more enquiry – I see you haven’t included any pointage in with the items listed on the third and last page – is that a deliberate preservation of information to encourage cads & bounders to purchase the rules proper, or is it a possible refinement that could be included?

    • The asterisk is from the Rules. It indicates that the usual Pluck rolls against a Terrifying enemy are required, but no extra Pluck roll to resist the Mystical Power’s effects.

  3. Very nice! A question on knocked down. If a knocked down figure is attacked and get another knocked down result, surely something quite interesting happens? To simply say “more knocked down”, well it feels odd and lackluster.

  4. Hi Chrixter,
    As the rules stand if you get a second Knocked Down result when taking a Pluck roll there is no further effect.
    Remember that the Knocked Down result only happens if you roll exactly what you need to make the roll. Being Knocked Down already gives attackers a +2 bonus to their Shooting or Fighting attacks. We thought that would be penalty enough.
    If you want to apply a House Rule when playing with your friends please go ahead.

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