Another televisualiser episode

Paul and the chaps from one of our foreign locations, the west coast of the Americas I am give to understand, have created a ‘youtube video’, whatever the devil that is.

It’s always fascinating to see how quickly people get to grips with IHMN and its many intricacies.

That lovely company of Russian troops, that we featured the other day, does battle with the Servants of Ra using the Bad Jack scenario. Huzzah!

1 thought on “Another televisualiser episode

  1. Sadly, the remaining 30 minutes of the epic battle went unrecorded, but here’s a brief synopsis of the proceedings for those interested:

    Akhenaton and his daughter engaged Bad Jack, who could see the heiroglyphics on the wall, and promptly disengaged. He fled to the top of the nearby ruins, where he was pursued by a mummified priest. Meanwhile, the Russians were moving into position to take advantage of clear lines of fire. The Russian Lieutant fired off his rocketpack, overshooting his target and standing vulnerable to counterattack by the Servants of Ra. Katya Molotka moved up to help, but after several rounds of intense combat, both were cut down. Finally, Major Smertov went in for a taste of the action, and managed to hold Akhenaton and his daughter at bay for the rest of the encounter. Bad Jack and the Mummy weathered shots from Congreve Rockets and Russian rifles while they struggled on the rooftop, when Jack ultimately triumphed and tossed the dessicated corpse into the street below. The rest of the Russian infantry then moved to engage Jack, and after several thrilling rounds of Jack slaughtering infantrymen, the last remaining soldier succeeded in gutting Bad Jack with a well-placed bayonet. Huzzah, and hooray!

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