Lady Helen Quatermain’s Privateers

This robust company was the example used in the article on creating your own company. Imagine my surprise when I received this from one of our newer members, Pat G:

In the Create your own Company PDF, Lady Q has a base cost of 20 points plus 26 points of talents plus 9 points of kit for a total of 55 points not 45 as given in the text in section 8 and on the table in section 9.

I have just been back to the calculator sheet we use. Looking down the talents I find that I had typed ‘1o’ for the points for Inspirational instead of ’10’. The root cause is that I wrote the article on a work laptop that did not have a numeric keypad so my finger must have slipped down one key.  Most of my writing is done on my personal laptop where this is not a problem.

So thank you Pat, who henceforth wheresoever two IHMN players gather, shall be called ‘Hawkeye’.

As you can imagine Lady Helen will be not best pleased at being so undervalued, so I am off to apologise. Wish me luck…

4 thoughts on “Lady Helen Quatermain’s Privateers

  1. I calculated Bull Rodgers at 47 not 47 points. Don’t know if that’s a bug in my calculator or another typo

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