News: Daughters, Historicon 2013 and HVF

My apologies for being an absentee landlord for a few days but my teenage daughter has had major orthodontic surgery to correct an overbite and I have become Nurse Craig. All meals must now be annihilated so they can be eaten through a straw – not pleasant.

Other news, my report from Warlord Games Day shall be uploaded shortly. You’ll have to forgive the photos but the hall was quite dim but had massive glare from the windows – sun in a British summer, who’d a thunk it?

I hear that Historicon was pretty good this year. One of our regulars put on a pretty awesome IHMN demo game.


Well worth a read at:

Charles and I continue to beaver away at the layout proofs for Heroes, Villains & Fiends, as well as creating more content as there seems to be space for two or three more companies!

We’re also starting to plan the supplement to follow HVF 🙂

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