Warlord Games Day – a Gentleman’s account

So here it is, the full reports with awful photos 😉

Warlord Games Day 2013 – A Gentleman’s account

There seem to be several excellent reports from other chaps on the inter-telegraphic network.

Chris Sutherland put an excellent report together here: http://blog.cjsutherland.co.uk/warlord-games-open-day-2013/

scroll down far enough and you will find this:


Dennis also did a great report for Brueckenkopf which can be found here:


It is in German, but Google Translate does a pretty good job on that. Here’s one of his pictures showing one of the eager participants getting stuck into his first game and actually beating the boy Conor!


Overall it was well worth the long drive, we’ll definitely go again.

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