IHMN Figure Reference Card v2

One thing I have noted from the various fora, comments on the blog, playtests and demo’s is that people would like something that brings all the various information together for each figure onto a single card.

We have experimented in the past with a number of Figure Reference Card formats and none have really fitted the bill. So here is my latest attempt. Instead of going for the high gloss graphic formats like in the past I have instead chosen the simple Index Card.

This gives all the information a single figure should need in a handy, single-sided, card. For combat the card has a weapon table that allows you to put in the sum of the weapon’s FV/SV bonus and the figures own FV/SV bonus. It also includes the standard modifiers for shooting and fighting so at a glance the player can calculate what they need to roll.

Then there is space for talents, powers and other equipment. You can find it in the Bonus materials section of the Blog, so please let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “IHMN Figure Reference Card v2

  1. Very useful, we were just going to do this ourselves! Crucial to have the total + and armour values to hand when many characters in play.

  2. Way to large for me and I can’t really see why reference material such as mobbing etc should be on the ref card (this is stuff for the ref sheet). Nevertheless, the card is easy to read and will undoubtedly be very useful for a lot of people. I like the idea of a “summary” column though, that’s quite nice. Guess it all depends on how you want to use the cards.

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