A most remarkable Gallery

The following pictures are from Dean of the White Hart Gamers, the stalwart chaps that have been generously putting on displays for IHMN up and down the country. Some were painted by Dean and others by his friend Rich.

Enjoy 🙂

1667_10_08_13_11_27_11_0 1667_10_08_13_11_27_12_1 1667_10_08_13_11_27_14_2 1667_10_08_13_11_27_15_3 1667_10_08_13_11_27_16_4 1667_10_08_13_11_29_09_0 1667_10_08_13_11_29_09_1 1667_10_08_13_11_29_11_2 1667_10_08_13_11_29_11_3 1667_10_08_13_11_29_11_4 1667_10_08_13_11_31_57_0 1667_10_08_13_11_31_58_1 1667_10_08_13_11_32_00_2 1667_10_08_13_11_32_01_3 1667_10_08_13_11_32_02_4 1667_10_08_13_11_33_53_0 1667_10_08_13_11_33_54_1 1667_10_08_13_11_33_56_2

2 thoughts on “A most remarkable Gallery

  1. Truly fantastic eye candy there Craig. I’m shocked at the level of detail on some of the paint work – Black Dragon Tony with Tattoos!!!!

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