Absent without official leave…

You regular chaps and ladies may have noticed a short hiatus in postings on this esteemed journal. The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a break for myself and Sir Charles, culminating in his Grand Garden Party this weekend past. A splendid gala attended by both Lord Curr and Oberst von Stroheim, amongst many other good folk.

Things shall begin to get back to normal now. A new free Company shall be published here later in the week, and I expect that you shall enjoy an unique experience should you choose to play it πŸ˜‰

Work continues on Heroes, Villains and Fiends with a number of extra companies reaching completion. These include the Texas Rangers, Mexican Federali’s and Rebels, and finally the Society of Thule’s Totenkopf Brigade. There is something deeply sinister about this last company, especially as they are led by that foul brigand Oberst Klimt!

So, back to the business of war!

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