The Brick Lane Commune has arrived!

Brick Lane Commune2

Northstar Miniatures have announced that their boxed set of figures for the Brick Lane Commune shall be ready to buy by the end of this month – Huzzah! You can get more details on this here:

I must admit this is the set I have been waiting for as I am an old revolutionary at heart. I shall be supplementing it with some of the figures from Lord Curr’s Incorrigibles and vice versa.

The promised Walker is still being sculptedĀ and shall follow in due course.

4 thoughts on “The Brick Lane Commune has arrived!

  1. So, you managed to release Scotland Yard to coincide with Ripper Street, and now this lot come along just as Peaky Blinders airs?
    I suspect Craig secretly controls all media.

    • After last night’s Scotland Yard versus thinly disguised Tong episode- I believe you! It even had a Dragon Lady and Dragon Warrior!

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