Your Hobby Needs You!!

There are some people in our hobby that put in a hell of a lot because they love it and like to share. Few do more that Pete Jones of Free Wargames Rules (

This is one of the greatest wargames resource sites on the net and has inspired generations of wargames. He has hosted thousands of sets of rules for over a decade now and never asked for anything to support it. Well crunch time is approaching as for personal reasons he won’t be able to do this much longer.

What he needs is somebody, or a group of people, to step forwards and take the burden from his shoulders and continue his work. You can read about this here:

Pete is an old friend of mine and I’d hate to see all his hard work just disappear, so if any of you can help please contact him through his blog. I can also pass messages onto him.

1 thought on “Your Hobby Needs You!!

  1. Pete`s a really nice bloke. I must have sent him over a dozen sets of rules and supplements over the last decade to share with the world. His hard work is an inspiration to everyone, and I for one REALLY appreciate the hard effort he puts into creating such a cool on line facility everyone can enjoy and share – for free.

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