Player-authored material

So, now the additional material is complete and sent to Osprey for Heroes, Villains & Fiends we can turn our attention to other matters.

For a start we have a growing amount of Player-authored material stacking up, so time to lay some ground rules:

1. Charles and I shall not edit these. There shall be a read-through and a sense check, but we honestly don’t see our role as arbiters of taste or editors of style.

2. We’re going to publish documents or links to documents (your choice) that you have chosen to share with us.

3. We shall not publish anything that is offensive or defamatory. This is a family game gentlemen. Plagiarism is also a no-no.

4. We really don’t mind if you base your companies on films, books or TV series. Generally it is advisable to avoid the use of copyrighted terms, like we have throughout the IHMN rules. Just saves a lot of bother should some passing shark (i.e. copyright lawyer) Googles his way in.

5. We need your actual name so that they can be properly credited. We’d prefer it that you put your name and the copyright symbol in the footer of the document.

6. We’re happy to receive documents in Word, ODF or PDF format. If you are including pictures please compress them. We do have a size limit on the blog.

7. We shall not examine your points costs. So unless there is an obvious howler what you submit is what we’ll publish. It’s worth double-checking your costs because your fellow players out there will spot it if you don’t 🙂

We are looking for companies and other material that fits the theme, have been played through and are fun to play.

For those of you that have already submitted material – thank you. If you didn’t give us your proper name, or you have updated the company since you sent it to us then get in contact.

We shall start publishing your material in the next few days, so keep an eye on the blog for an avalanche of really interesting and curious documents.

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