Whither to indeed?

With the additional material for Heroes, Villains and Fiends safely in the hands of our esteemed editor at Osprey Towers one might well ask ‘Whither to now?’.

Well we have just spent the weekend laying down the foundations for Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun. This tome shall explore the companies and adventuring opportunities in India, China and Japan. Indeed four new companies have already had their keels laid and work begins now on their hulls. We shall not yet say which as these things tend to grow in the writing.

In the meantime we continue to beaver away at the promised FAQ’s. Trawling back through hundreds of comments and questions across four fora and this humble blog is time consuming but worth it.

New player-authored material has begun to rumble in and we hope to begin publishing some of this over the coming weekend.

So lots to do, and as always, so little time…

4 thoughts on “Whither to indeed?

    • As it stands we have no intention of touching upon Indo-China at this time and we would be fascinated to see what you come up with. My only advice is, as always, to work on the theme first, then the characters, and finally on the stats. This makes for a far more interesting company in play.

      • Thanks – wouldn’t know how else to do it, to be honest! (I’m much more interested in narrative and background than stats), Indochine is fascinating – great variety of cultures and landscapes, add in French colonial rule, oh – and elephants! 😉

  1. Strangely enough, China is where I have started to concentrate… mostly in narrative content. Once I have the foundations in place, only then will I think about stats and joining groups together into `companies` etc. Wow, Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun certainly would be on my wish list :-))

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