25 thoughts on “Vox populi

  1. Well, I’ve found IHMN to be a better fit for 40K/Fantasy gaming than ITEN 3.0, but as you pointed out, that would be out of the realm of possibility for *you*, but not for a fan-made supplement… 🙂

    I’ll second the 16th/17th century era – swashbuckling, maybe some strange magic thrown in.
    If you wanted to give an alternative to pirates, how about…the Thirty Year’s War?

    It may be an artifact of having ordered both IHMN and A World Aflame together, but I’d like to see iHMN expanded into the 1920-1940 Pulp era. Seems a perfect fit. The success of VBCW and the upcoming Second American Civil War expansion might provide some impetus. I don’t know the details of those systems, but I don’t *think* they’re ‘warband/retinue’ style, so there wouldn’t be too much overlap. Maybe.

    Or, let’s head backwards in time – maybe 12th-14th century Medieval – ish? You could do a lot with knights, squires, lords, ladies, quests, vows, all kinds of R/romanticized stuff. Pre-Raphaelites, the Tabletop Wargame!

    If anything, I’d stay away from a self-contained fantasy world. Too specific, too limited. Real history, accurate or not, is much more interesting, and there’s lots of minis for it already.

  2. a Roman period one with magic thrown in and you cold have it at the height of the empire, you could have an unseen legion that defends the empire from magical treats like Breton druids and gauls who have made packs with dark fourses to get there land back, and Germanic tribes who can transform in to beasts, and the exiled fourses of Carthage who use the powers of balharmun. as well as the Egyptian gods theres quite a bit you could do with this period and that just of the top of my head

  3. After tackling the worlds of STEAMPUNK, i would like to see some DIESELPUNK action!
    The rules are already *very* good for having some fun with airships, naszis and rocketeers… it would be a blast to have some Pulp! adventures…
    Just adjust the flavour and create some suitable companies.


    Pirates, Musketeers, Tribesman… not the historical accurate stuff, but more cinematic… lager than life… e.g. 7th Sea the RPG

    • Medieval/Crusades period would be good too – having different Frankish, Arabic and Orthodox Christian groups all running about trying to collect relics, and running secret plans to disrupt sieges and invasions

  4. Pulp adventures or Noir would be cool, as would swashbuckling pirate adventures.

    Or what about something set in Chinese mythology/folklore? I could definitely see a warband led by Sun Wukong (Monkey). The Bioware game Jade Empire took a similar setting and did really well out of it.

  5. I’d love to see Pulp / Lovecraftian adventures. This request has nothing to do with the scads of figures I have for this era. >_>

  6. In the People’s Name – the 1950’s – Communists, Reds under Beds, ex Nazis hiding out in South America, New Age Cults, noble anti Imperialist guerrillas vs the last dying breaths of Empire. Space race, Area 51 and secret govt projects, little grey men.

    How about Age of Exploration with Conquistadores and Incas, growth of nation states, mysterious objects from steamy locations and roving bands of pirates, er state sponsored Privateers of course.

  7. We would really like to thank you all for your excellent input.
    We are now compiling the results from here, Facebook and the Blog and shall mull them over.

  8. Hi Craig I sent to you the “In the name of the King” and “In the name of the Warlord” a few months ago, two mods for Medieval and Ancient using IHMN but I haven’t received answer fromm you.
    Have you received them?

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