The Kentish Men

The greatest metropolis in the civilised world is a place of great inequality. Some bear the injustice of their station in life with the faith and stoicism so typical of the English character. However there are those who, though of low birth, display the tenacity to rise above their origins through guile and savage violence.

Victorian Gang
Typical of these are The Kentish Men, so named by their mysterious patron the Professor after a long forgotten rebellion by the poor against their Norman overlords.  They are truly the scum of the earth – men who even the British Army would reject.
Amongst them are many hardened criminals, unemployed navvies and men for whom the only hope of redemption is the rope. They are often fearless when they should retreat; sometimes this enables them to prevail over supposedly superior opponents but on other occasions they are cut down in swathes.

The full company listing can be found in the Bonus Material section.

This is the same company as was published in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine. This excellent magazine shall be carrying more material for IHMN in the new year.

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