Heroes, Villains and Fiends – what lies within…

We know that many of you are quite enthusiastic about the appearance of this volume. In order to assuage your curiosity during the short two weeks that remain before its publication we lay before you as summary of its contents:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 The Armoury
2.1 Weapons
2.2 Weird Science
2.3 Personal Transportation
3.0 The Bestiary
4.0 Talents
5.0 Mystical Powers
6.0 Companies
6.1 The Dark Continent
6.1.1 The Boer Commando
6.1.2 The Hunting Party
6.1.3 The Queen’s Own African Rifles
6.1.4 The Sons of the Desert
6.1.5 The Zulu
6.2 The New World
6.2.1 The Apache
6.2.2 The High Sierra Gang (inc. The Virginians, Los Diablos, The Golden Wheel & The Pale Riders)
6.2.3 The Industrialists
6.2.4 The League of Southern Gentlemen
6.2.5 U-Troop, The North-West Mounted Police
6.2.6 The Red Sect
6.2.7 The Secret Service
6.2.8 The Texas Rangers
6.2.9 The Army of the Federal Republic of Mexico – Enforcement Companies
6.2.10 Mexican Rebels
6.3 The Old World
6.3.1 Le Cabinet Noir
6.3.2 The Cognoscenti
6.3.3 The Entourage of Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia
6.3.4 The Hellfire Club
6.3.5 The Okhrana
6.3.6 The Ottoman Imperial Counter-Intelligence Service
6.3.7 The Templars
6.3.8 The Society of Thule’s Totenkopf Battalion
7.0 Scenario Complications
8.0 Landscapes
8.1 The Old World
8.2 The New World
8.3 The Dark Continent
9.0 Campaigns
10.0 Backward Compatibility

To prevent further disclosures Charles is getting himself unto a monastery in deepest Bavaria and I shall be meditating in the inner shrine of the Temple of Solomon…

10 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains and Fiends – what lies within…

  1. Hi Craig,

    I´m a big fan of this game and I purchased first the SDRS before HVF, but last month I purchased a copy of the last, I like SDRS because I´m more interested in Asia at that time, but HVF is also awesome, and for using SDRS I need HVF. I was hoping that I was going to find the Mahdist list in that rulebook, as the Mahdist are used as example in the core rulebook and has a long description in the beginning of HVF. Do you plan to make rules for them in the future?
    I´m also buying some miniatures for the russians that appear in SDRS, did you have some miniature in mind when you made the rules for the Baba Yaga?, I can not find a suitable mini.


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