It’s here!

My author’s hard copy of Heroes, Villains and Fiends popped through the letterbox yesterday.

Having one book published is amazing, but I cannot find words to describe it when you are holding your second book in your hands. The first could just be a lucky accident, but the second… well, I finally feel like a real author, and I am sure Charles feels the same.

Although it has the same page count Heroes, Villains and Fiends feels heavier, as if the extra five thousand words of material is somehow more dense than the illustrations they replaced.

We are both hard at work now on Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, the oriental expansion for IHMN. Every spare hour is being thrown into filling another 27,500 words with quality material. We have to deliver it by Christmas for it to be ready for a spring (?) release. There shall be at least another 21 companies are in production, covering India, China, Japan and all points in between.

On a more sombre note, I shall be at our local Cenotaph tomorrow morning remembering my shipmates who sailed off the Falklands never to return and I respectfully ask all of you to think of our servicemen at that time.

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