Heroes, Villains and Fiends is here!

IHMN2 Cover Art

Players across the world are starting to report that HVF has arrived and so far the response has been excellent. We’d love to hear from you on what you think about our second book in this series. Please leave comments here or on the Lead Adventure IHMN forum.

To celebrate this release we shall be publishing a number of free companies and new fiction over the coming week. Today you shall find on the Bonus Materials page a new company called The Bloody Thistle. This is a Jacobite secret society committed to returning a Stuart to the throne and ending two centuries of ‘German rule’. If you want to use bagpipes and cabers as weapons of war read on!

10 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains and Fiends is here!

  1. I tried to buy the. pdf version from osprey and think I pressed the button for the epub version in stead. Whatever you do, dont buy the epub. One cant read even the tables and there are no pictures at all. What a waste! I tried twice to contact osprey to ask them if they would send me the. pdf instead and they did not even bother to answer me. The way I am feeling now is that I am sorry I ever bought anything from them in the first place and I am extremely glad that I have not ordered any figs for IHMN yet. I did buy two other rulesets fro Osprey in. pdf (IHMN and TW)…but HWF in epub and Osprey customer service was a total let down!

    • Hi Marius,
      I’m sorry that you found issues with your purchase and I’ll have a word with Osprey if you like (?).
      It is worth pointing out that Osprey do not do figures. These are provided separately by Northstar Miniatures, so completely different companies.

      • I have bought many figs from Northstar over the years. Been wargaming more than 20 years. But if I cant get the rules without throwing good money after bad, I will skip the period. Pity, because I love the fluff and would finaly have gotten to use some boers in a fantacy ruleset. :-

  2. I purchased the hardcopy book through my FLGS, and although I like the content, the book is the worst Osprey’s I’ve ever seen. Let me be clear; I’m excited by the new info in the book, including new factions, lists, etc. But, either Osprey really let their quality control go or I received something other than the intended final product.

    The margins are over 2.5 inches wide and the text is jammed into the binding so far that I have to break the spine to read all the way to the end of a line. There are absolutely no photographs inside and not a bit of color. I was really looking forward to seeing new figures painted and getting inspired to paint some more of my own.

    Based on the margins and my experience with awesome Osprey books, I’m wondering if the intent was to have color photos in the margins, but I received some sort of misprint. Please tell me that is the case, and I’ll try to get a better copy.

    • Hi John B.,
      This is the first supplement to any of books in this Osprey series, and the popularity of IHMN caught pretty much everyone by surprise. So Osprey rearranged their timetables to get HVF to the head of the queue and give the fans of IHMN more material to play with.
      The super wide margins are the same as in IHMN, and appear to be a design feature of the series. The lack of internal illustrations and photographs is also due to bringing printing back to Britain from China (where IHMN was printed) to meet the advanced schedule.
      As because this was produced faster than Northstar could react there are currently no new figures on the block for HVF. Let me explain, for IHMN Northstar began sculpting figures nearly a year before publication, which meant Kevin Dallimore could paint and photograph them in time for the printing. Northstar have been busy trying to produce more of their excellent figures to support the next two Osprey rule sets, Of Gods & Mortals and A Fistful of Kung Fu, so have not had time to produce HVF specific figures. However, there will be more IHMN figures coming along soon.
      As amateur authors all of the above is out of our control, but on the good side this did allow Charles and I to include an extra 5,000 words of material for you.
      So no, it isn’t a misprint I’m afraid. I hope you now have a clearer understanding of the process that goes into this though.

  3. Now that I have a copy I can read…I went straight to the boer list….being kinda my ancestors…well sortoff. Nice list and a good place to start from. Got an idea to do a custom list of boer gunrunners, i.e. supplying anyone who wants weapons to oppose HRM in the collonies (and maybe even Ireland) with german aka Krupp technology.

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