First Independent Blog HVF Review Award

And the award goes to Christopher at Dispatches from the Rim. here is a snippet from his piece:

Can’t wait to dive into it more thoroughly, but I have to say that, even with the vast increase in availability of weapons, vehicles, mounts and equipment, Craig and Charles have shown the strength of sticking to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) design principles. They’ve taken Occam’s Razor to rules and mechanics and presented a system that is flexible but not overly complicated, inclusive but not cluttered, and rich with choices without dampening the creativity of the player. Kudos, gentlemen! Another successful foray that makes me even more eager for the third volume.

The whole thing can be seen here:

6 thoughts on “First Independent Blog HVF Review Award

  1. Got my copy yesterday, gave it a rapid skim (closer reading to follow after these school papers are done…). Looks superb, and the more I read (and hopefully, eventually, someday PLAY), the more I want a pulp/1930’s version. Copplestone’s Back of Beyond, VBCW, it’s all too perfect. The question that comes to mind is this: would such a supplement be in its own setting, or the future of the IHMN world? I’d kind of like to see the latter. Give the mundane tech a boost so I can use all those neat WW2 Partisan figs, too…

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