La Cirque du Tenebrae

As promised here is another new company to celebrate the release of Heroes, Villains and Fiends. The PDF can be found on the Bonus Material page.

Despite being eclipsed in recent times by the mercantile fleet of Great Britain, the Doges of Venice still maintain a significant trading presence in the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic seas.
Of late though they have become more interested in banking and the acquisition and trading of information. They have agents scattered across the courts of Europe but their role is the gathering of intelligence, not covert operations. For these they employ a most intriguing solution – La Cirque du Tenebrae, the circus of shadows. There are six of these small troupes of performers on the roads of Europe. A seventh remains at the Doge’s Palace where it trains the replacements for the relentless attrition amongst its agents.
They travel from town to city to palace entertaining peasant and prince alike with their acrobatics, daring knife acts, mysterious magicians and sinister clowns. As they do so they seduce officials, acquire important
information both by guile and force, and perform small acts of sabotage and assassination. Only the Vatican’s secretive Cognoscenti have as fine an appreciation of the wheels and levers of power in mainland Europe.
Through hundreds of often small and quickly forgotten interventions they are able to manipulate the successions of Kings and Emperors, the polices of Empires and the course of history.

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