A Christmas Present

I have decided to offer you all a Christmas present.

Suggest a company that you would like me to write for you and, once we have had a few suggestions, I shall choose the one I find the most interesting and do a full, official write-up of that company. It will then be published here with your name beside it.

Please direct your suggestions to the IHMN child-board of the Lead Adventure Forum:


19 thoughts on “A Christmas Present

  1. As I’m not a member of said board, I’ll leave my suggestion here:
    A company from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They can then battle the dastardly Hun, taunt the sick man of Europe in the shape of the Ottoman Empire, keep the schemeing Tsar and his hordes at bay as well as keeping watch on the trouble brewing in the Balkans.

  2. Hi, I’m waiting for approval to get on that list ….

    If nothing happens by tomorrow I will leave a suggestion here. It’s one I have been thinking about so I will have some details. Basically it could be called ‘The Northern League’. Based in North Yorkshire, it could be led by a Lord …. and made up of his retainers, ex soldiers from Richmond, ex game keepers, poachers and even a vampire connection from Whitby. There are semi real characters from around 1890, and North York Moors, and Dales make a fine setting. I imagine this lord might have sailed from Tyneside to Egypt and been involved in early excavations. So he may have Egyptians and Tyneside sailors too.

      • Yes, or Lord Richmond, or Lord Swale. Another link would be to the Bronte sisters and maybe a Heathcliffe-like figure. Of course Mina Harker could always make an apprearance from Whitby and the Bram Stoker connection. I believe a couple of Hawaian Princes and a Princess were the first people to surf in the UK. They did this off the same North Yorkshire coats in 1890.

  3. Sorry, I don’t have an account their either but I love this game so I figured I would post my idea here as well. Sorry.
    I would like to personally see a division of the US Army Air Cavalry- a cavalry unit mounted entirely in ornithopters.
    I’m currently working on a detective agency that hires ghosts as employees and has agents that can temporarily astrally project as “ghosts”

      • My exact influence and one of my favorite movies. Threw together a pretty quick list last night which isn’t too bad though a bit heavy on the points due to the fact they are more or less limited to non-close combat, one handed weapons (pistols and bombs). A little more limited in scope then I like

  4. Currently waiting on approval on the forums. I need to put in the Lake District Needlework and Adventure Society. An all-female adventuring group of Victorian ladies (lead by a Lady Bracknell-type character).

    They were a highly successful series of convention one-off roleplaying games a friend of mine ran, and would add a much needed all-female company to the game 🙂

  5. I have been mentally trying to do something like an Katherine Kurtz, The Adept precursor, Hunting Lodge…think Scotland meets the Templars and Masons out to prevent those aimed at dominating the world. A patriarch with a sense of nobility and master of The Lodge, a seer, a hunter, the sleuth, and then one that is the mystic but of a different type than the patriarch. A name??? Flip, how about The Order of the White Stag?

  6. This would be a delightful Christmas present so I hope I am not to late. I am posting here because I could not access my account at the Lead forums and had to reapply. I have two ideas

    How about this? HG Wells as a time traveler who has gathered his team from the mists of time. So you could have any character from the Victorian era from any corner of the world. Then we add Eloi like Wenna or if you want to give him an evil twist add Morlocks with a weakness to bright light.

    How about Philip Jose Farmer’s Wold Newton mutant family which originated when a radioactive meteor landed in Wold Newton, England, in the year 1795? The Family included many fictional characters such as : Solomon Kane; Captain Blood; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Harry Flashman; Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty ; Phileas Fogg; the Time Traveler; Allan Quatermain; Tarzan and his son Korak; A.J. Raffles; Professor Challenger; Richard Hannay; Bulldog Drummond; the evil Fu Manchu and his adversary, Sir Denis Nayland Smith; and more. A family tree can be found in Farmers book “Tarzan Alive” and again in “Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life”. The potential here is limitless

    Hoping for a gift under my tree and not coal in my stocking.

  7. I am working on a variant boer list (from the official one) at the moment. Something along the line of a gun running special combined Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and Oranje Vrystaat Republiek Kommando that includes historical characters such as Danie Theron and fictional ones such as Ben Brand (Ruiter in Swart). That said….I would like to see what a Tarzan list looks like…

  8. Hi Craig,

    I received the companion for Xmas, but I am away from home at the moment, so I won’t get to read it until I get home in mid-January. You may have already written a company along the following lines, but if not….

    In my own VSF games, I have often used a ‘Lost World’ or ‘Centre of the Earth’ scenario, perhaps where the locals have access to an artefact or spring that grants long life (the fountain of youth!). This set-up enables me to put the colonial adventurers against anachronistic forces who discovered the fountain/artefact centuries ago, such as Amazon hoplites or Roman legionnaires or Spanish conquistadors or Renaissance explorers and so on. One advantage is that I can use my broader collection in a VSF scenario. Another benefit is that it allows for interesting things like dinosaurs!

    I suppose it is a little similar in theme to the followers of Ra. You have ancient peoples trying to resist and / or remake the modern world (and perhaps having to blend in to 19th Century Society so that the valley stays lost or the entry point to the centre of the earth stays hidden). I wonder what a Greek Amazon would make of Victorian fashion? How would a Centurion go with a cavalry sabre rather than his Gladius? It might make for an interesting range of figures.

    For mystic powers they have access to the artefact/fountain of youth that has powers of healing and immortality. Naturally they have to fight the imperialist powers in order to keep their identity and secret safe. What would a great power give for the fountain of youth? Maybe they need the artefact/water or they age before your eyes? And I think they may well have trained those dinosaurs to be helpful in an emergency. Pterodactyl aviators? Velociraptor cavalry? A tame T-Rex even?!?!

    Oh no, it is beginning to sound a bit like the plot of certain James Cameron movie.

    The amazons/Romans/whatever would naturally have attributes that suited their background but also with the benefit of long life, may have refined those attributes to an almost legendary capability that might assist them to overcome their technological deficit.

    If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a peculiarly Antipodean company based on Ned Kelly and his trusty gang of Bushrangers, perhaps with a Bunyip for company. The Colonial Government, impressed with Ned and the gang’s bushcraft, marksmanship and daring, have granted them full pardons in return for their service in the name of the crown. The fire at Glenrowan was a sham, intended to wipe them from the public eye forever so that the Kelly gang can keep the crown colonies in the antipodes safe from all comers.

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