A year of IHMN…

Well Ladies and Gentlemen that was quite a year. I seriously doubt that either Charles or myself could have imagined how it would have gone. Somehow we thought that the first book would be published, a few people would like it and then it would just fade into the Osprey catalogue.
Apparently not so, and we have a lot of people to thank for their help in making 2013 the year that IHMN became a real game.
First up is Phil Smith, our editor at Osprey. Without his enthusiasm and faith nothing would have happened at all. He stood beside us for over 18 months as we wrote and rewrote the rules and acted as our guide into the world of publishing. He also became a co-conspirator in HVF, creating superb companies we might never have thought of.
Secondly there is Nick Northstar for committing his time and resources to creating the figures and promoting the rules. Without Steve and Mike’s incredible sculpts I really think a lot of people would have just walked on by. Then there is the legend that is Kev Dallimore… a man who’s work I have admired since the 80’s and whom I have finally met – cheers!
it is every gamer’s dream to have models sculpted for something they have created, and painted by the best in the business. Our dream has come true 🙂
The White Hart Crew at Salute, Partizan and Warlord Games Day, our ever-cheerful display and promotions team. Other games have booth babes, we have our grizzled old veterans and we know whom we prefer.
Shaun McLaughlin of The Bunker, who supported IHMN by providing the incredible London City terrain for Salute and Partizan. This drew so much attention to IHMN when it was launched and we can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put in.
Our reviewers Dean and Russ, who have patiently read our manuscripts and picked up all those silly little mistakes that you can’t see for looking.
Dean is also the chap who created the excellent display tables for Warlord Games Day and who has been a constant supporter of the IHMN project. His dear wife created a simple excel spreadsheet that prevented so many points costing errors – thanks Kate!
Charles and I are lucky enough to have many friends who cheered us on, play tested the rules and various companies, and generally were good eggs throughout the whole thing.
Out in the blogosphere we have made so many more friends. People who have made IHMN happen by their enthusiastic commitment to the game and to writing about their modelling, painting, company creating and amazing after action reports. Some have even gone on to demo the game at conventions across the globe. You are the IHMN League of Extraordinary Gamers.
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine, and in particular Guy Bowers, have been supporters of IHMN from the beginning and have published companies for the game. More is likely to happen here in 2014…
We must also mention the Lead Adventure Forums, whose members were so enthusiastic about the game that we have been given our own board. A rare honour.
Last, but by no means least, I’d like to thank my family. Living with a writer is not easy, especially if he has a full-time job and then has to write in time usually devoted to his family. My son Conor still holds the record for never having lost to me at my own game 😀
Because of all of you listed above, and many more, IHMN has gone from strength to strength. Osprey now have published Heroes, Villains and Fiends, and the manuscript for Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun is currently with Russ and Dean for review before submitting for publication.
More figures are in the pipeline from Northstar too, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.
Where we go from here we cannot yet say. Several ideas are floating about in the ether between us and Osprey and once we know what we’re doing you shall be the first to know. All we can say is that we have taken to heart the interesting results of the vox populi we ran a few weeks ago.
IHMN is only the beginning…

6 thoughts on “A year of IHMN…

  1. I have no idea how I even stumbled upon this gem, but I’m so glad I did. I have been following this since I accidentally entered this site while looking for what I thought would be an obscure theme on steampunk for my next minis game after getting into the hobby with MERCS. I’ve now got both books and I am about to pick up my first set of minis.

    The one thing I hope in the new year, is for more miniatures! I understand that part of the “draw” of the game is using any miniatures to create custom companies or for the ones listed in the book, but there is so much color and personality in each group (standouts for me being mohan singh, electric club cops, thul zombies, etc.) and the official range of sculpts match the vision so well with all the modeled intricacies of each character.

    I would love to see some of the more interesting enemies of the empire from hvf brought to life like Le Cabinet Noir, Cognoscenti,Hell Fire Club and of course your interpretation of Vlad Tepes. The new world also has exciting groups such as the high sierra gang, texas rangers and U-Troop (imagine a sasquatch vs yeti fight!) that would be a shame if they weren’t brought to life with accompanying sculpts.

    And finally, I’d love to see the last 3 factions in the original book get sculpts too. Or at least wild west show and legions since they have quite a bit of original characters and backstory written up.

    I know it’s a lot to ask and a lot of investment and work goes into even just one set, but this is just one fan’s wish list as a response to the love and support that this range has received this past year from the creators, and the faith that we’ll continue seeing inmn goodness in the next.

    Bravo for a job/leisure well done in 2013. Looking forward to what the new year holds.

  2. Huzzah! This game is the one that might finally tempt a couple of friends into table top war gaming. All of the success that y’all have had over the past year is well earned. I cannot wait to see what is coming up still!

  3. All good stuff Craig thank you IHMN made gaming fun again for me and my mate, superb game, and your support to us on the web is outstanding, looking forward to 2014 and wishes to all here

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