Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun update

Well ladies and gentlemen we are almost done. Our secret reviewers are submitting their notes this weekend and then Charles and I shall do the final edit before we submit the manuscript to our Editor.

We have written this supplement quicker and with more confidence than either of the books that preceded it. I do believe that we are getting the hang of this.

It shall contain:

  • Twenty-four new companies from India, China, Japan and the Western Powers,
  • New weapons, weird science and beasts such as Sea Serpent, Terracotta Lion, and Tibetan Yeti,
  • New machines and transportation, including four new mechanised walkers, a Western Gunboat and an Armed Junk,
  • Nine new talents and five new mystical powers,
  • Six new scenario Complicators and eight new Landscapes, and
  • A full backwards compatibility table.

I can say that without a shadow of a doubt we have really enjoyed writing this one. it has allowed to us to tap into the phenomenal history and cultures of the Orient in the late Victorian period and give it our accustomed twist.

You will have figures who can reach through their enemies’ armour, who can rip the beating hearts from their opponent’s chests, rain fiery death from above and raise immortal armies from the very dust.

“We thought our Christian civilisation was superior to their ancient ways – and we were wrong. We thought to make the world a safer place by plundering their great wisdom and wealth – and we were wrong. None of us understood the powers that we were awakening nor the calamities we could unleash by our actions.”

Diary of Field Marshal Sir Charles Napier Murton,

Private Secretary (Special Duties) to Lord Harrington, Foreign Secretary, 1896

1 thought on “Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun update

  1. This is awesome news,i have not played yet but am very much looking forward to a game.i do collect all the books and figures and judt love what you guys are putting out,thanks for all your hard work its very much appreciated and enjoyed.

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