New weapon for IHMN

Due to developments both in the Royal Armouries in Woolwich, London, and at Edison’s Arc Weapon’s factory in Buffalo, New York we are pleased to announce the following official rules expansion for IHMN.
From this day forth there shall be two different electric hand weapons available:
1. The English All-Electric Truncheon [FV+1, Pluck -1] at three points, and
2. The Edison Arc Truncheon [FV+1, Pluck -1] at six points.
The Edison device differs in that it has more powerful shock capacitor. It thus counts as an Arc weapon in that it igores all forms of armour with the exception of the Faraday Coat and the Faraday Shield.
Any figure that currently uses the English All-Electric Truncheon may upgrade to the Edison Arc Truncheon for an additional 3 points.

4 thoughts on “New weapon for IHMN

  1. Except for the fact that the Edison Arc Truncheon is an Arc weapon that ignores armour and the English All-electric Truncheon isn’t and doesn’t 🙂

  2. Can we get new additions like this added to the bottom of the FAQ, so we can keep them all in one place (until they get printed in any forthcoming books, naturally…)

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