Games Club Network IHMN Games 2014

Dave Wise of the GCN has informed us that they shall be appearing at no less than five shows in 2014 with their Storybook game.

The System: The Storybook Game (Participation)

IHMN rules are used throughout

Concept: Players have goals rather than sides and indeed re-select their teams (which can consist of any combatants still living) each turn. Goals involve fulfilling a task such as Arson, Robbery, Murder or Protection and a Player might even have the task of killing or protecting a Character from both sides at the same time!  This is a tried and tested fast and furious game allowing up to eight players.

Time Period: Between 30 and 50 minutes. Especially fun for those ungentlemanly backstabbing, double-dealing types.

Scenarios: These will change during the course of the year as our old scenery sets are being replaced with spanking new boards! Initially we will be running two versions of the Game…

Blood Night: The Holy Order of Iona attempt to scourge a small Hebridean island of its Vampire infestation…

The Sacrifice: Inspector Reid’s Murder Squad are forced to confront a dangerous cult who have the cheek to keep abducting virtuous women (and some less virtuous)…

SHOWS the GCN shall be at:

If you are going to any of these shows be sure to drop by and either take part or cheer these fine gentlemen on. Charles and I shall definitely be at Salute, se we’ll see you there.

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